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Anschutz .22 rifles soon to be available for sale


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My club is looking to sell some rifles and barrelled actions to make space for new rifles with more adjustable stocks and better maintainability to even out our fleet.

I have no photos as of yet, but please see below for a list of what will be available soon, a short description, and the sort of price we are looking for each.

They will likely be transferred to an RFD who will be offering them up for sale. If anyone is interested, I will send you details on how to purchase at a later point.


Potentially one or two Anschutz 1813s in 1811 prone stocks - £450 each

Anschutz 1607 barrelled action - I used this personally last year and it shoots fantastically - £200

Anschutz 1613 in 1611/1811 prone stock - £350

Anschutz 1803 in standard 1803 beech stock - £300

Generic old Anschutz Match 64 - £200

Generic old Anschutz Match 64 barrelled action - £100

They all come with sights, but I will double check. 

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