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Wanted: Ladies shooting jacket


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My wife is looking to replace her Tucker shooting coat that she won as an under-23 prize, ahem, some years ago!  She had one on order from OTOS but having had 3 that completely failed to fit even remotely the 4th replacement has not arrived!

Does anyone have one they are thinking of selling? Size 14 jacket with 34E chest...








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If you're in the London area as your profile suggests, then how about trying the NSRA at Bisley for an "off the peg" jacket?  Or if you're thinking of made-to-measure and are prepared to travel then there's Pippa at tenpointnine in the midlands.  I think that she's planning to be at Bisley on 14-15 May (best to check with her first though) so that may open up more possibilities.   https://www.tenpointnine.com/tenpointnine-tailoring-products (incidentally I have no affiliation with her beyond being a very satisfied customer).

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I'm also a very happy 10.9 customer.....😃 

Go on - treat her! 😉 

Truttmann near Zurich have (I think) a limited range of s/h jackets that can be fitted / have new elbow material very quickly.  They used to offer a same day "buy new" facility, but that might need the previous evening as a night stop in order to get there first thing in the morning (they open at 0800 hrs), & it's about a one hr drive from ZRH airport.


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That takes me back, I used to visit Martin Truttmann for new kit every year or two and he did indeed measure, make and fit it all in a day if pre-arranged.  The business is in Kriens, just outside of Lucerne so offers a really nice short break.  Looking at the website it seems that the business was sold in early April so I guess that Martin himself has now retired, but worth giving them a call.  There is also an amazing shooting centre not too far away at Brunig which even boasts a 300m indoor range!

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40 minutes ago, jcev39 said:

Thanks Mike. Not sure I should treat her as she might be able to beat me!!

Why should you be the only one not being beaten by their wife, I've put up with it for years!

Have Fun


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