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5 shot target pistol


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I am looking for a 5 shot competition pistol.

Air prefered but CO2 considered.

Steyr looks favourite or Feinwerkbau. What have you?

South East prefered or send to my local registered firearms dealer.

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I thought I had a nice BRNO B96 there for a while but the seller changed his mind.

So I am stll looking for a B96, steyr LP5 or 50 or Feinwerkbau or similar 5-shot 10m PCP or CO2 pistol.

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I now am the proud possessor of a Feinwerkbau C55P (thank you John & Mark).
Does anyone know where I can get spare pellet slides (single shot, 5 shot and dry fire) at less than an arm & a leg?

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