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    Another Book - The Ways Of The Rifle

    Mary, Buy it from Mac here (can I have my 10% now please Mac?) Rutty
  2. Rutland Shooter

    I'm Looking For ....

    For books, look on AbeBooks, frequently cheaper to buy there than on Ebay. Rutty
  3. Rutland Shooter

    Parker Hale Filament Holder.

    I shall look in my box. Had one once, but haven't seen it for years. Rutty
  4. Rutland Shooter

    Bsa Century Match

    I am sure that you will enjoy the Century bilbo. I bought one years ago for my sons to start shooting, it served the purpose admirably and is still AFAIK doing the same job as a beginners rifle in the club I was then a member of. It was well made and had a very good trigger and barrel. I am not sure that I would have liked to lug around the fields all day, as it was a bit on the heavy side for a sporter, especially if you mounted a scope on it. I always wonder "what might have been", if BSA had developed the Century with a better action and stock. Could they have given the Germans a run for their money? With a scope and magazine, could be usable for LSR (can't remember the weight limit). Rutty
  5. Rutland Shooter

    Handloading Book & Mauser Action Book

    A bit off topic for this forum, but today a book dealer offered me the following: "The Complete Guide to Handloading by Philip B. Sharpe" 3rd Edn 2nd Rev, Pub. Funk & Wagnalls, New York, 1953 HB, DJ faded spine and some edge tearing, Condition is "Good+" Price £45.00 Quite a rare book, of interest to the serious handloader/collector. "The Mauser M91-98 Bolt Actions, A Shop Manual by Jery Kuhnhausen" PB, Pub 1991, Condition Excellent. Price £12.50 If anyone is inerested, the please PM me and I shall let you have the dealer's details. Rutty
  6. Rutland Shooter

    Left Handed Air Rifle

    Ina, Unless she is absolutely set on a true LH rifle could I suggest that she considers one of the universals that are available. She would probably have to buy new, but the fact that it could be used by a right handed shooter could well be an advantage if she came to dispose of it later. The universal I have in mind is the same one that the blind shooters in our club use. I can obtain make/model details if you want. Rutty
  7. Rutland Shooter

    Wanted: Foresight Block

    Simon, Found it, see your PMs. Rutty
  8. Rutland Shooter

    Wanted: Foresight Block

    simon, I've got one somwhere, if I can find it I'll PM you. Rutty
  9. Rutland Shooter

    300 Bar Diving Cylinder

    I was lead to believe that if the cylinder valve was capable of accepting a diving regulator then they would only give you a 3 year cert. You can purchase "surface valves" which are for "surface use only". The problem I have encountered is that dive shops; quite understandably; don't know anything about surface use. If anyone can provide chapter and verse on this one I would be grateful. Rutty
  10. Rutland Shooter

    10000 Posts

    Oh not BGI again!
  11. Rutland Shooter

    Scope Sight For Sale

    Bill, Please see your PMs Rgds Rutty
  12. Rutland Shooter

    Mind Your Language

    I keep trying to edit my post, but it keeps coming out, Sc^nthorpe Rifle Club. Rutty
  13. Rutland Shooter

    Scatt System

    PaulN Probably best to go to the website: Scatt webpage and read all about it. Then download the software and find out more. It is very good Rutty
  14. Rutland Shooter

    Realtree Jackets/hw77k For Sale.

    Camouflage Targets Not as unlikely as you seem to think! The following is taken from "The Citizen Rifleman" by E.J.D. Newitt, published in 1906. Newitt was one of the early secretaries of the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs (SMRC) and the secretary of Southfields Rifle Club: page 95. "The society's standard Intermediate targets are of the same dimensions as the rudimentary targets, with measuring rings of the same diameter, but are printed on grass-green card and the object aimed at is a representation to scale of the head and shoulders of a khaki-clad soldier in the prone position as he would appear at 500 yards' distance" page 96. The society's standard advanced targets are intended for collective team firing against a time limit. Six khaki heads and shoulders to scale as previuosly described are unevenly printed on grass-green paper, oblong in shape; no scoring rings are used, hits on the figures only count." It is also interesting to note that in those days competitions were commonly "5 shots standing and 5 prone" as well as shooting at both moving and disappearing targets. They also routinely shot smallbore rifles at 200 yds. Rutty
  15. Rutland Shooter

    Vickers Martini

    mithrandir Vickers Rifles are of considerable interest to collectors, being much less common than BSA of similar age. They were considered to be of better quality than BSA. This was reflected in the price, in 1937 the BSA range started at £4-17/6 and went up to £9-0. Vickers prices were from £8-10/- to £14-10/- Please PM me and we can exchange email addresses to have a discussion. Rgds Rutty
  16. Rutland Shooter

    Anschutz 2001

    Is this rifle still available? Thanks Rutty