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    Anschutz Super Match 54

    gregsy, I understand the sentiments that you express however you may wish to consider the following points: 1. This is a public forum and provided that members observe the rules they are free to make relevant posts. 2. Unlike some other forums we are not permitted to provide "valuations". 3. All the posts in this thread are relevant to the item offered for sale, they offer factual information and none refer to condition or offer opinion. 4. The Sales section of the forum pleasantly free from any form of recrimination; I certainly cannot recall seeing any adverse comments. 5. If you do not wish to accept that comment may be made, then there are other forums where this does not happen or commercial sites such as Gunstar or Egun. I believe that the information that members have provided may be of siginificant assistance to Greg in concluding a successful sale of his rifle. Rutty
  2. Rutland Shooter

    Anschutz Super Match 54

    That's what I would have bet as well. It is conceiveable; although unlikely; that the rear housing may have been replaced. Double extractor introduced 1964/5? I had a 1963 rifle with a single. Rutty
  3. Rutland Shooter

    Anschutz Super Match 54

    The other important feature is: one extractor claw or two? Rutty
  4. Rutland Shooter

    Want To Buy Or Trade-Gemini-Now Got A Pair Thank You

    A very good guide to setting the butt length for standing, not useful for anything else. Rutty
  5. Rutland Shooter

    10M Air Pistol Targets?

    I am reluctant to post information that could be construed as advertising on behalf of any particular company, but I have sent you a PM that indicates a couple of sources that I know clubs have used. Rutty
  6. Rutland Shooter

    Wanted Pricing Info Fwb P70 Junior

    Jimlad, Unlike some other forums, it is not permitted practice to seek advice on selling price. If you read the 2nd post on this thread it explains the situation. ATB Rutty
  7. Leicestershire & Rutland won the Mercia inter county rifle match at Sywell today:Scores:Leics & Rutland 5631Lincolnshire 5600Derbyshire 5572Northants 5571Notts 5406Ladies matchLeics & Rutland 1686Northants 1685

  8. Rutland Shooter

    Books, Books, Books!

    Hi Rob, I'll have the Basic Optics for Sportsmen book please. Rutty
  9. Rutland Shooter

    Kit Clearout

    You have a PM Rutty
  10. Rutland Shooter

    For Sale

    Hi Ange, I would like to point out that any items offered for sale on the forum should include the price and methods of payment. Rutty
  11. Rutland Shooter

    Varga Shooting Glasses Frame

    SOLD Varga shooting frames; older model; with 37mm lens holder in excellent condition. Price £40.00 inc Paypal charges and p&p. PM or post with email address for photos. Rutty
  12. Rutland Shooter

    Heavy Barrel Alu Stock Wanted

    Does this one fit the bill: FWB 2700 for sale Rutty
  13. Rutland Shooter

    Wanted - Anschutz Foresight Elements

    They may have better accomodation, but I feel it unlikely that they have superior magnification! In any event, using too large a foresight is much less disadvantageous than using one that is too small. Rutty
  14. Rutland Shooter

    Wanted - Anschutz Foresight Elements

    Why 3.0 - 3.8? It is unlikely that you would need anything smaller than 3.6, 3.8-4.0 should suit most people for prone. If I were you I would put 3.8 in all of the rifles and buy a couple of 4.0s. Rutty
  15. Rutland Shooter

    R X 10 Metre Airgun Target Changer

    HPS 1200 Sorry, didn't notice your request for info. The board was made up by "a friend of a friend". It cost us about £30.00, but I suspect that was not a commercial rate. I am told that it is the kind of item that an electronics hobbyist can fabricate. Interesting to read that Granvil Jones is still around. A couple of years ago I tried to get him to supply 5 sets of target holder wires for the carriers. He promised them, they didn't appear, I contacted him again and he promised them again. Still waiting. Rutty
  16. Rutland Shooter

    R X 10 Metre Airgun Target Changer

    We had a new circuit board made for one of our RX changers, so if that's your problem it can be done. We recently bought 5 Haring EL3s and are pleased with them. Other good options are the RIKA World Champion or Sydney. Rutty
  17. Rutland Shooter

    10Mm Sight Raiser Blocks - Anschutz 1913

    Hi McDonald, The integral dovetail on the receiver is standard on all models, but the method of attaching the foresight changed with the introduction of the 1911. If you have a 1411 you will have a detachable block (secured by screws) to mount the foresight. On the 1911 the foresight dovetail was machine onto the barrel in a similar manner to the receiver dovetail. Now you can probably guess the next bit, you cannot fit a 1411 foresight to a 1911 as the dovetails are different! As the foresight riser in question is 3rd party item, your guess is as good as mine what it might or might not fit. But if it was made for an integral dovetail it is unlikely to fit the earlier version. Rutty
  18. Rutland Shooter

    Anschutz .22Lr Target Rifle

    I cannot help with the rifle, but I am interested in the problems that you are having with your Firearms Department. Would you care to expand? Have you sought advice from the NSRA on the matter? If you are a member of an affiliated club, not necessarily and individual member, I am fairly certain that they will at least offer some guidance. Rutty
  19. Rutland Shooter

    Clear Out Of Bits (price Dropped)

    PM Sent Rutty
  20. Rutland Shooter

    Gehmann Shooting Boots

    The boots are now sold A pair of leather Gehmann shooting boots UK size 9 1/2, complete with sole straighteners. Only worn 5 times, no wear or marks. Price £60.00 + Postage Rutty
  21. Rutland Shooter

    Shooting Jacket Repairs

    Try a local saddler. They usually have the necessary equipment and should have the required skills. I have seen very good repairs; and even alterations; carried out by them over the years Rutty
  22. Rutland Shooter

    Wanted!! 1813 Cheek Piece (woodwork)

    I don't have one, but I know someone who could make you one. Rutty
  23. Rutland Shooter

    Gehmann Receiver Spirit Level **sold**

    The item is now sold Due to the untimely death of one of our club members the following item is offered for sale: Gehmann 592 Rearsight Spirit Level: The item is in good condition and retails at over £83.00. Price £30.00 Whilst it is not my intention to conduct an auction for this item; due to the circumstances of its being offered for sale; should it attract multiple offers to purchase within a short timescale then I reserve the right to invite prospective buyers to make a further “best and final” offer. See also the Walther CPM1 CO2 Pistol that is still available. Rutty
  24. Rutland Shooter

    Walther Cpm1 Pistol **sold**

    This Item is now Sold Walther CPM1 CO2 pistol The pistol is almost unblemished and in excellent condition. It comes in its original box along with the maker’s manual, spare cylinder, filling connector, pressure relief nipple, tools and cleaning kit. Close up photos available Price £400.00 + actual delivery cost. Whilst it is not my intention to conduct an auction for this item; due to the circumstances of its being offered for sale; should it attract multiple offers to purchase within a short timescale then I reserve the right to invite prospective buyers to make a further “best and final” offer. Rutty
  25. Rutland Shooter

    Walther Cpm1 Pistol **sold**

    Both Sainsbury's and Tesco stock Sodastream cylinders but only in selected stores. Nevertheless it is easy to get them direct from Sodastream, delivered at about the same price. Rutty