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  1. demonloop

    Shooting Cardigan- Wanted.

    Try ebay
  2. demonloop

    Gehmann Adjustable Height Sight Blocks For Fwb Rifle

    Sold to fubar.
  3. Hi For sale: 1x set (front and rear) Gehmann 848 sight blocks for FWB rifle, used but perfect, still in original box with allen key New price £80 will accept £40, postage in UK £2, elsewhere please ask by PM Can accept paypal or cheque etc Photo of item > http://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Sight_Blocks.html#a41 Can email / post photo of actual item on request (just means me having to dig out the digital camera!)
  4. demonloop

    Anschutz Sight Extension Tube For 1913

    Would the new Anschutz Tenminator extension tube not fit?
  5. demonloop

    Anschutz 2013 Walnut Stock

    Sold to me and delivered in perfect nick. Well pleased.
  6. demonloop

    Anschutz 2013 Walnut Stock

    I've PMed my email
  7. demonloop

    Anschutz 2013 Walnut Stock

    I'll take it mate can you send me photos?
  8. demonloop

    Anschutz 1913 Walnut Stock

    You have PM.
  9. demonloop

    Sauer Jersey

    If this is the cardigan type affair with the zip I'll have it. PM me.
  10. demonloop

    Anschutz 2213 Alu Stock R/h

  11. demonloop

    Anschutz 2213 Alu Stock R/h

    NOTE: Should say 2313 stock in title - this stock is for Anschutz 2013 4 bolt square action R/H For sale, a few months old and in perfect condition. 2313 Blue Alu stock right hand, fits 2013/2007 action or older 19xx series and others with adaptor plate (which is about £50/60 and I can source this for you) Perfect all round. I replaced the 4765 buttplate with MEC Contact III which I think is better for prone, the Contact buttplate is 3 weeks old and used once! Complete with forend raiser block as supplied when new.. RRP £850 (its £875 from NSRA) Accept £650 ovno - postage to UK included in price. - REDUCED!!! Photos on request if you are happy with the price. If you want the 4765 butthook back on please add £50 No timewasters. PM me for details/photos
  12. demonloop

    Opticron Mm2 Eyepiece Wanted

    Rob I can get them at trade price through a friend of a friend, he got me my scope from them, That would save you a few quid and it would be new of course. If there is a specific eyepiece you want PM me the number and I'll find out.
  13. demonloop

    Anschutz 2213 Alu Stock R/h

    Price reduced
  14. demonloop

    Anschutz 2213 Alu Stock R/h

    No interest at all?
  15. demonloop

    Gun Cabinet

    PM me, might be able to help depending on budget
  16. demonloop

    .22 Target Rifle Wanted

    I have an Anschutz 2013 with 2213 alu stock, a few months old and in perfect condition.
  17. demonloop

    Reasonably Priced Cabinet W/top Safe For Ammo

    PM me if you like anything on brattonsound.co.uk I have contact that get get them cheaper than RRP
  18. demonloop

    Anschutz 3p Palm Rest

    email sent
  19. demonloop

    Foresight Spirit Level

    I have Gehmann unit, its one their website gehmann.com (its the blue adjustable one they do) PM me if it looks like what your after.
  20. demonloop

    "bob - 'ave You Got Bob's Torque Wrench?"

    I have one if you want it PM me, its £40. Its brand new.