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  1. demonloop

    Ebay: Anschutz Disco Rifle Stock!

    Belongs to a member of this forum, if I'm not mistaken!
  2. demonloop

    Gehmann Iris Parts

    You need a Gehmann 577.
  3. demonloop

    12" Barry Neesom Tube For Bleiker

    Bought this on the forum a while back, only got to try it today, and to be honest I prefer my medium length tube. Back for sale at the £50 I paid. Fits the Bleiker action every bit as well as their own tubes, and has the same locator system, locking into the little lug. Its a little longer (1") than the Bleiker long tube, if that makes sense. Very good condition, there s atiny ding on one side of the divetails about 2/3 the way along, that doesn't interfere with the function at all. Tube is silver, can post photos if requested
  4. demonloop

    Wanted: Foam?

    acefoam.co.uk are very good also
  5. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    Sorry, both sold.
  6. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    Continung my clear-out of gear I don't use (and was hoarding) I have TWO of these Anschutz 6805 rearsights up for grabs. RRP is about £180, I'm asking £120 (now £115...now £110) delivered EACH, or £210 for the pair. Both complete with the fixed aperture eyepiece, both working really well and seen very little use. I had them in my kit-bag as spares (I'm funny like that, I expect everything to break) You'll be hard pushed to see any signs of use on them at all. I no longer have the boxes.
  7. demonloop

    Looking For A Buttplate Hook Please See Photo

    Thats a very unique looking buttplate
  8. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    £110 delivered is more than reasonable IMO, but if £105 is enought to tip the scales...
  9. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    How you get anything done is beyond me Poor Tommy.
  10. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    I know ebay/PP charge fees but I don't think its 35% (yet) Price is fairly keen I think...
  11. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

  12. demonloop

    Fs: Centra Duo Glass Foresight Tunnel

    Sorry, sale agreed.
  13. OK, another sight I used perhaps three times... The inside adjusts from 2.8>4.8mm, outside 6.4>9.0mm As you can adjust both separately you can therefore adjust the ring thickness. 22mm. Anschutz fitting, but the bases can be swapped should you be a heathen (FWB/Walther etc) To buy this new you would have to part with at least 150 of your English pounds, this is available at £95, which includes delivery right to your door. Its in the original box, with its little allen key. Luckily the instructions are in German which will stop you taking it apart and being unable to put it back together. I have translated the important bits here... 1) Remove from box 2) Fit to rifle
  14. demonloop

    Anschutz Sling Swivel/loop / Hand Stop Connector

    I have the one in the photo, should your other offer fall through...
  15. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    RRP is £180! Last set on eBay went for way over £100 unless I'm very much mistaken... Though I do spend a fair bit of time on eBay
  16. demonloop

    Centra 1,8 Performance Rear Iris Reduced!

    Now sold!
  17. Guys, another item I no longer use. Excellent condition, boxed and complete with the tool for fixing to your rearsight but MISSING the M18 polar filter that it ships with for your foresight. I never used this, and should I find it before it sells it will be included. UPDATE - found the filter today, which is included in the sale There is one polar filter built into the iis and colour filters of the flavours blue, mid grey, yellow, peach and brown All working as it should, and the filters were all cleaned last month. RRP is in the £145 mark, I'm asking £90 (now £85...) delivered.
  18. demonloop

    Anschutz Sling Swivel/loop / Hand Stop Connector

    Anything like this?
  19. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    Jeez, tough crowd Reduced another £5, if this doesn't work its off to ebay!
  20. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    Sorry guys, haven't had a chance to get photos, and I'm busy all day by the looks of it (which is both and ) I've reduced them by £5 though... If anyone buys one and is unhappy with the condition I will accept them back, return postage at your expense.
  21. demonloop

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    I'll try and get photos up this week guys, but they are spotless, apart from the grey knobs being a tiny grubby from fingers. Not a mark elsewhere They are 10 click, there's no 20 click available in this particular rearsight.
  22. Used but perfectly serviceable, these relieve the spring pressure in your bolt and keep it clean and protected. RRP is around the £30 mark, I'm looking for £15 preferably by Paypal gift for convenience.
  23. demonloop

    Anschutz Bolt Protector £15 Delivered

    Sold, pending funds.
  24. demonloop

    12In Tube For Bleiker - Barry Neesom

    I'll have that...