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    bruce reacted to neil in Fraud Alert - Please Read   
    I deleted the Mike112 account last Tue after digging and finding it was fraudulent
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    bruce reacted to Mattnall in Fraud Alert - Please Read   
    The number is all wrong for a start, the first 5 letters are the first 5 of the holder's name - they don't match. The next 6 numbers are the date of birth, again I cannot make a valid DOB from them (and doesn't match the DOB on the FAC), the next letter is the first initial (doesn't match) the next should be a number as Claus hasn't declared a middle name....
    Too many fails.
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    bruce reacted to jamesgutteridge in Anschutz Target Sight.   
    Again, why do you think "no scammers" would stop untrustworthy and dishonest people? It just winds people up and it doesn't achieve anything.
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    bruce reacted to tim s in For Sale: Fwb700   
    you might want to specify that you want pics of the rifle, otherwise there's no telling what Sam will show
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