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  1. Try Best Fittings, Gillingham Dorset.
  2. Yes I did buy this, and It is a real gem. Peter
  3. I will take this, PM to follow. Peter
  4. I am not very good with IT, but can send photos by email. Peter
  5. I have a used Mec Centra Sling Connect Jacket Attachment for sale. This came with a used Kurt Thune jacket I bought a while ago and is something I will never use. It shows very slight signs of use and is in good condition. I am asking £25 posted.
  6. If not sold I will take this. PM to follow
  7. I will take the Champion World Three frames please. Peter
  8. I would like this book please, PM to follow. Peter
  9. This is not much help but Best Fittings sell them at £22.50 but are out of stock, might be worth a email. Peter
  10. Thanks for that mrfixit. Peter
  11. Anyone know if they focus to 10 meters, I am aware we cannot use them but when working with blind shooters a scope and spotter help.
  12. Thank for that,very senior moment. Peter
  13. I am sure that when I used to go to a new topic on the forum a notice at the top right opened that took me to the first unread, has it been deleted? If not, how do I get it back? Many thanks. Peter
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