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  1. peterpig

    Centra M18 Bubble Sold

    If not sold I will take this. PM to follow
  2. peterpig

    Kit For Sale

    I will take the Champion World Three frames please. Peter
  3. peterpig

    Mec Air Rifle Book- Latest Edition

    I would like this book please, PM to follow. Peter
  4. peterpig

    Accessory Sale Updated Scope, Glasses + More Added

    PM sent re. The ways of the Rifle. Peter
  5. peterpig

    Feinwerkbau Filling Adaptor

    This is not much help but Best Fittings sell them at £22.50 but are out of stock, might be worth a email. Peter
  6. peterpig

    Fyi Spotting Scopes

    Thanks for that mrfixit. Peter
  7. peterpig

    Fyi Spotting Scopes

    Anyone know if they focus to 10 meters, I am aware we cannot use them but when working with blind shooters a scope and spotter help.
  8. peterpig

    View First Unread

    Thank for that,very senior moment. Peter
  9. peterpig

    View First Unread

    I am sure that when I used to go to a new topic on the forum a notice at the top right opened that took me to the first unread, has it been deleted? If not, how do I get it back? Many thanks. Peter
  10. If you will put £2.50 in the next Help for Heroes collecting box you see, and pm me a postal address I will send you one, no screws though. Peter
  11. peterpig

    Nesom Roll Over Foresight For Sale

    Now sold, many thanks. Peter
  12. peterpig

    Nesom Roll Over Foresight For Sale

    Now on hold. Peter
  13. peterpig

    Nesom Roll Over Foresight For Sale

    I have fore sale my Nesom 50/100 roll over foresight. It fits the 14-16-18 series of Anschutz rifles,it is in mint condition and is for 18mm plastic inserts. It has an adjustable level,is fitted with a Gehmann 2.4 to 4.5 iris, the original screw in element holder, iris C spanner and the Allen key for fitting to the rifle. I am asking £110 posted. Peter PS. I have I hope, attached photographs if they do not show if interested please email for them. I will accept cash, cheque, or pay pall +4 percent
  14. peterpig

    Gehmann 705 Torque Wrench

    Now sold Peter
  15. peterpig

    Gehmann 705 Torque Wrench

    I have for sale my near mint Gehmann torque wrench, it comes with an instruction leaflet, in German, four hex. bits 2.5 3.0 4.0 and 5.0 mm. I am asking £40 to include post, and I will accept cash, cheque or pay-pall. As I am unable to post pictures (old age and not good with computers)anyone wishing to see images email or pm and I will send some on. Thanks for looking. Peter