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  1. David

    Gun Guard Case 'black'.

    Internal size?
  2. David

    Kit For Sale

    PM sent
  3. David

    Kit For Sale

    What sizes are the rifle cases?
  4. David

    Head Space Gauges

    How do you use them? Start with No. 1 and work your way through then until you cannot shut the bolt?
  5. David

    Clear Out, Stuff Rifles, Jackets Etc

    what make is the spotting scope, and how much are you looking for?
  6. David

    Peli Cases

    I was interesting in the 1750, becasue it means I don't have to take any of the rifle apart. The differance in weight is a kilo davethechamp - those are very competative prices on that site. a good £20 off.
  7. David

    Peli Cases

    Neil, Just got some 'rough' prices from my local Peli distributer. A 1750 with foam is £300.62 (inc VAT), £264.79 without the foam. Discounts don't look huge for volume (but these are rough) 1 to 10 - as above 11 to 20 - less 5% 21 to 50 - less 7.5% I think that is a bit steep! A custom made aluminum flight case would probably cost half that. But I suppose we are not comparing apples for apples, as the Peli cases are IP67, and spec'd for UK military and Nato. :ninja: Food for thought....
  8. David

    Peli Cases

    Neil, What case were you thinking of getting for rifles a 1750? What price have do you think you can get them for?