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  1. lincs-alan

    Fullbore Target Rifle - Wanted

    I'd be tempted to ring the NRA at Bisley and speek to Fred the armorer, he may know of something, or try Fultons. HTH Alan
  2. lincs-alan

    Wanted Anschutz Xx07 Rifle For A 12Yr Old

    Spudy The shop is open on a Sunday mate N.S.R.A. LTD LORD ROBERTS CENTRE BISLEY CAMP BROOKWOOD WOKING SURREY GU24 0NP SHOP HOURS: Sunday - Saturday 09.00 - 17.00 Sales Tel : 01483 485511 Fax Tel : 01483 488817
  3. lincs-alan

    Wanted Anschutz Xx07 Rifle For A 12Yr Old

    I did notice that the NSRA has a Walther on the SH rack, similar design to the 1907 with the deep wooden stock etc. I think it was up at £250 but don't quote me HTH Alan
  4. lincs-alan

    Barry Nesom Rollover Foresight

    Glenn I've caught you again Alan PS good job yesterday
  5. lincs-alan

    Anschutz Precise Stock Rh

    I've been ask to put this up by Iain, any questions please contact him on the details given. Alan ------------------------------------------ Anschutz 'Precise' Stock (shiny one) to take the Anschutz 14,16,18,19 (round) series actions. Right handed. Medium pistol grip. Complete with Anschutz 4765 butt-plate. Just on a year old but used infrequently. Full spec can be found on the Intershoot or Edinkillie websites, where they sell for £1200 & £1311 respectively (including the buttplate). Looking for £1100 Iain Slater (mob) 07958 570521 (home) 01733 764314
  6. lincs-alan

    Anschutz 1903 - Junior

    Sleevicus Forum rules state you need to put a price. Alan
  7. lincs-alan

    Shooting Jackets

    May I suggest searching "Anschutz" on a certain well known online auction site!! Stuff appears on there, even so you may still struggle with your budget. HTH Alan
  8. Just a thought, but you may have a bit more luck if you say how much you want for the said item Alan
  9. Trying hard to be X class!!! looking more like B!!

  10. lincs-alan

    Champion Shooting Glasses For Sale

    "silvershooter" was looking for shooting frames also. Alan
  11. lincs-alan

    Lsr Wanted

    There are several emporiums that specialise in 10/22's. South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies are a good bet but it depends on how much he wants to spend. http://www.rimfiremagic.co.uk/index.htm Be warned lots of "shiney things " Alan
  12. lincs-alan

    Lsr Wanted

    Walter, http://www.guntrader.co.uk/GunsForSale/ It's a good place to have a look, there are currently 126 for sale ranging from £126 - £1000. If you click the link it takes you to the title page then abouthalf way down there is a quick link to .22lr Semi-auto's, then filter by the make box at the top. HTH Alan
  13. lincs-alan

    Anschutz Rifle Wanted

    Just a suggestion but if often helps to give an ish budget you're willing to spend to save any embarrassment. Alan
  14. lincs-alan

    New Site Logo

    Very snazzy that well done Emma Alan
  15. lincs-alan


    The action is the action, you have to make the stock inlet slightly bigger, I know because I looked a couple of years ago. Alan
  16. lincs-alan

    Stuff For Sale

    Jamie Regarding the sling is it a left or right hander? Also can you PM what sort of reasonable offer you're looking for. Alan
  17. I'm currently Chairman of the Soke Target Sports Club in Peterborough (was Perkins) and I'm the Lincolnshire county rep on the NSRA Shooting Council

  18. lincs-alan

    Anschutz 1911 Or 1913

    Hello and welcome to the Forum Would you be looking for Aluminium Stock or Wooden? Also a rough idea of your budget also helps. Alan
  19. lincs-alan

    Anschutz 1813 Barrelled Action And Trigger

    No probs mate, after all it's all about helping each other let us know how you get on. Alan
  20. lincs-alan

    Anschutz 1813 Barrelled Action And Trigger

    Try here, about halfway down!! http://www.hps-tr.com/carboot.asp Alan
  21. lincs-alan

    Wanted Anschutz Butt Plate 4765

    Iain I know your after just the plate and hook but there is a complete unit for sale on "that auction site" item number 280303154960. Alan
  22. lincs-alan

    Wanted!! 1813 Cheek Piece (woodwork)

    You just had to bring that up didn't you. hahahaahahahaahahaaaaaa of coarse she had to bring that up if it was the other way round you would be picking on her Dave would never pick on Michelle, he's far to much of a gentleman unless you count water bottles and the threat of a dunking in the stream in the IoM!!
  23. lincs-alan

    Anschutz 1913 Butt Hook Pins

    Jim No problem, I hope you find what your looking for cheers alan
  24. lincs-alan

    Anschutz 1913 Butt Hook Pins

    jim is this what your after or the actual gemini ones, if this is any good to you i can let it go. I'm going to Jersey first thing tomorrow and will be back next wednesday. cheers alan
  25. lincs-alan

    Head Space Gauges

    The head space is the distance from the face of the bolt to the chamber, if it's too large when you close the bolt on the case it will leave room to move when fired, this can have all sorts of issues with consistant accuracy. thats the simple 'im only a sparky" version I'm sure someone can give you far more details if you wish Alan