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    1807 Bedding Bolt/s

    Champions Choice USA can supply Anshutz Bedding Screws for 1811 1813 1911 1913 at $44.00 per set of two. I believe in all cases even the 1400 series the tread is the same but there can be a difference in length. I have no doubt that CC will have the answers but their sets are expensive I think.
  2. Trigger

    Remember Me

    Yes, all the time
  3. Trigger

    Bsa Mk Ii And Mk Iii Surplus

    Bill's don't be hard on the BSA International I found to be very interesting. Just to add alittle, the Mark 1 had an extractor that was very different to the Mk 11 and it was very fragil and very soon broke and for that reason the Mk1 was only on the market for around six month. Mine bought new in the early 50s, perhaps 1952 at a cost of £30.00 lasted till 1981 it then had to be scrapped. My son recently purchased a very old Mk11. Never ever having fired anything other than Anschutz, his first two cards at 25yds were 96s and I think that five cards were shot before getting a 99. As for the BSA trigger. When having used his rifle and set the two stage trigger to 5.5ozs there have been complaints next time he used it. He was very impressed with the BSA single stage trigger and was somewhat surprised when I told him it was probably at least 16ozs. I am looking forward to giving it a go sometime soon. Dillion Lee did say that a BSA Barrel and an Anschuts receiver would make a very good rifle. I believe someone may have done this.
  4. Trigger

    Bsa Mk Ii And Mk Iii Surplus

    I knew a BSA shooter who having recieved a complaint at an open meeting about the accuracy of his ejected cases, was so upset that he went home and made a neat deflector that put the cases in a little pile next to him. I don't think that he is with us now, he was about 90 when this happened.
  5. Trigger

    Upgrading The Forum

    I have not been a member very long and have been more of an observer than contributor. My knowledge of Forums and types is pretty well none existent but I do know that there is much interesting information and discussion to be found on this Forum. Even if the thread does drift away to another world at times. When it comes to voting on a possible upgrade I am told that I have already voted, my memory must be worse than I thought. Not having a clue as to just what IPB V2 or phpBB are about I am unlikely to have knowingly voted. I see that there are 684 members (not many votes) and I would be suprised if I am the only one with a poor understanding of Forum Types. It would be helpful I believe, if someone could in very simple terms, explain the pros and cons of the voting choices and maybe the reasons for considering a change. For the likes of me to enjoy visiting the Forum it has got to be simple. I do see the Paypal Logo has now appeared, a brief explanation of this may be useful to some of use and maybe productive.
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    Bsa Mk Ii And Mk Iii Surplus

    Should have no trouble finding a good home for the rifles. BSA mark 11s have been recently been fetching a good price. Like £150.00+ and over $600.00 in the states.They do not have all the whisles and bells but have a short lock time and are very capable of good scores. It would be a shame to scrap them