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  1. Sorry, but this one measures up to be bigger than those dimensions, 10.47mm at narrowest, 13.5mm at widest and I'd guess that it would be too big for the narrower rail. Sorry about that. Vic Thompson
  2. Unfortunately I can't remember which rifle I brought it for and I no longer own an Anschutz Match Rifle as I sold my 2013 a couple of years ago. How can I accurately tell which rifle it fits without having any to hand ? Vic Thompson.
  3. It's a Neesom one with Spirit Bubble, brought off here years ago and never used by me, 22m version, has adapter ring so can be set to either zero degs cant or a few degs cant in one direction only, to be sold as seen in piccies, looking for £40 posted. Thanks, Vic Thompson.
  4. I'm after a Steyr LP50 XS grip if anyone has one available please, I've tried as S but feel that smaller might be better. If anyone has one available for sale I'd appreciate a P M with price and piccies if possible. Thanks, Vic Thompson.
  5. This Grip has now been sold thanks. Vic Thompson.
  6. You'd need to check on the Steyr website to be certain in your own mind, but as far as I am aware the grips interchange between the two pistols but one combination requires use of a small plastic spacer plate. HTH, Vic Thompson.
  7. Selling as it's too big for me and I really need a much smaller size such as an X S. It's as seen in the piccies attached to this listing and is believed to be a Morini , £65 posted or consider swap for X S in gc.Thanks, Vic Thompson.
  8. I have two 18mm Eagle Eyes for sale as I don't shoot Match Rifle any longer, one is a 0.3 and the other a 0.5, both in serviceable condition although possibly a bit dusty, £20 each which includes postage, or both for £35 inc postage. Piccies available if required. Thanks, Vic Thompson.
  9. For sale is my long unused Gehmann 546MC Iris. This was brought secondhand off a fellow shooter a few years ago and has sat on a shelf unused ever since as I never got around to fitting it. It's a previous model to the one shown in this listing (https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalo...546MC-304.html) but has equivalent functionality, and is being offered for sale with no known faults for £165 posted (offers/swaps considered).For further details etc please contact me by P M as per my profile.Thanks, Vic Thompson.
  10. As per the title : I've currently got a Steyr LP50 but fancied trying the FWB equivalent side by side with it just to see how they compare. Like many things in life when you want them you can't find them, so basically I'll ask here on this Forum, has anyone out there got a small gripped multi shot FWB Air pistol for sale at a reasonable price ? Thanks, Vic Thompson.
  11. There is a thread at one end only, that nearest to the Dovetail Mounting, the end with a knurled fitting screwed into it. Vic Thompson.
  12. Brought by me off this Forum ages ago but not used since and I know little about it apart from the following (as I've never used it since purchase) : described in the original sales listing as being suitable for a FWB (which presumably means the dovetails are of a certain size. From inspection it appears to raise/lower by 2.2 mm (based on measuring wall thickness of the eccentric), and It also appears to have a cant set up on it although it's also got a home made adapter ring which allows the cant to be removed. I can't really say much more about it as I honestly don't know anything abou
  13. is this what you are looking for ? http://www.bestfittings.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=200 Vic T
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