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  1. anschutz1813

    Anschutz Sight Track

    How much just for the track base (AHG9797) on it's own? I already have the actual sights.
  2. anschutz1813

    Thumbhole Stock For Anschutz1813

    Cheers James, I'll look into that. Brian
  3. anschutz1813

    Thumbhole Stock For Anschutz1813

    The title kind of explains what I'm after! - a thumbhole stock for an anschutz 1813, after my previous one disintegrated - a split right down the centre, along the grain Any offers very much appreciated, or if you know of someone who may have one up for grabs (who's not a forum member) for a reasonable price please pass on my details. email b.m.atkinson@sms.ed.ac.uk Cheers, Brian