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  1. Rachel

    Scatt Usb For Sale

    now sold
  2. Rachel

    Scatt Usb For Sale

    Hi everyone, I've just upgraded to an MX-02 so my Scatt USB is now up for sale for £480 plus postage. I've put it to good use over the last few years and it was working fine the last time I used it and comes with the original box, instructions and serial numbers. Cheers, Rachel
  3. Rachel

    Scatt Mx02 As New

    PM sent
  4. Having a bit of a clear out! Champion shooting glasses -- £75 sold I think these are "Champion World 3". Fully adjustable lens holder and adjustable height at the nose. With blinder, screwdriver, case and spare grub screws. Anschutz boot stretchers -- £20 sold Feinwerkbau standard rearsight -- £95 sold Bought from FWB stand at Hanover last year but now surplus to requirements. Comes with the standard iris as shown. Various M18 plastic foresight inserts -- £3 each Pink: 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.7, 3.9, 4.1, 4.3, 4.5. Clear: 4.3 Brown: ?4.3 (i'm not 100% but it looks like a 4.3/4.4) P&P is extra and will depend on number of items etc. Rach
  5. Rachel

    Feinwerkbau Rear Sight

    This is still available if anyone is after one
  6. Rachel

    Feinwerkbau Rear Sight

    Hi Jim, it's no problem at all Glad you got one sorted out!
  7. Rachel

    Feinwerkbau Rear Sight

    Hi Jim It's a fixed iris - just the standard one that comes with FWB sights. If you desperately wanted a variable iris with filters, polarisers, bells, whistles etc you'd have to source that elsewhere. However, irises with variable apertures etc will fit this rear sight - as far as I'm aware they're standard threads. To the best of my knowledge most new rear sights come with a standard aperture (or none at all) and irises are normally bought separately as they're more of a personal thing. Cheers, Rach
  8. Rachel

    Feinwerkbau Rear Sight

    It definitely fits a Match 54
  9. Rachel

    Feinwerkbau Rear Sight

    What Jonty said I also happen to have a Match 54 in the cabinet as well as the FWB so I'll double check tonight.
  10. Rachel

    Feinwerkbau Rear Sight

    I've got a spare FWB rear sight for sale. Standard rear sight that comes with FWB rifles, bought it last year as a spare but not used all that much! £100 posted.
  11. Rachel

    Anschutz Foresight Tunnel

    Thanks, Robert - PM sent
  12. Rachel

    Anschutz Foresight Tunnel

    Hiya, Does anyone have a new(er) style Anschutz foresight tunnel (19xx or 20xx series) that they want to sell? It turns out the "threads", or whatever the ridges used to attach the tunnel to the rifle are supposed to be called, are wider in the 19xx and 20xx series than the match 54 era ones. Sods law would dictate that I've got two match 54 ones and not a newer one to put on an air rifle (Anschutz 2002) I've just been lent! Cheers, Rachel
  13. Rachel

    Clearance Sale

    I tried to send you a PM, but the system wasn't letting me do it I've had to send you an email instead.