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  1. jonty

    Shooting Cardigan- Wanted.

    Well Santa didnt bring me one, so I wondered if anyone has a second hand shooting cardigan for sale. Any make considered, Kurt Thune, Saur, Anschutz, but I really want one in good condition for a right handed shooter, Size Large, 42inch chest and 6foot tall. Please e-mail me with whatever you have. Best regards. Jonty
  2. jonty

    Wanted-scope/3p Stand And Mat

    Hi Ciara, I have got an angled eyepiec Rhino scope, and a straight eyepiece scope, not sure of the make. Both in very good condition. Please e-mail me at john@johnthompson.freeserve.co.uk pictures and price. Regards Jonty
  3. jonty

    Wanted- Anschutz 1813 Stock

    Thanks for that Yardman, yes he is an individual member, and I beleive he is to make a claim, but he will ne happy with a second hand one. Jonty
  4. jonty

    Wanted- Anschutz 1813 Stock

    Hi, Im am trying to locate for a colleague, a 1813 series stock. This is to accept an 1807 barrel and action. My Friend, who is a 'vintage' shooter, fell, and landed on the rifle causing the stock to crack. Please e-mail with any offerings with pictures and price. Many thanks. Jonty
  5. I have for sale an Anschutz Match 54 model 1407 right hand rifle. It has a shorter than normal stock and would therefore be perfect for a youth or a smaller person. It has the standard butt plate, handstop and has Anschutz fore (18mm) and rear sights. The condition is excellent and has not had much use in recent years. I tried it out last week and it shot a 96 at 25mtrs( the dropped points were operater error.) I can e-mail pictures to anyone intested. The rifle is in West Yorkshire. The price is £85.00 ono. This is a bargain as if I broke it down and sold the accessories on e-bay, they would fetch more than this. But I would rather it goes to someone who can make good use of it. Regards. Jonty
  6. Hi, Has anyone got, or knows someone who has for sale an Andrew Tucker 'type' scope stand. The one with the turquiose/green base and long folding legs. I want to upgrade my stand, and Im going to give it to another beginner. many thanks Jonty
  7. jonty

    Anschutz Match 54 Hook Butt Plate Wanted.

    Thanks again for the help. I have been given a fantastic fully adjustable Anschutz Butt/hook plate. Thanks again E. You know who you are. Jonty
  8. I am seeking a hook butt plate to fit a Match 54. Has anyone got one or know someone who has? Thanks Jonty
  9. jonty

    Sight Raising Blocks Wanted

    Thank you to all who looked at my ad. I have now obtained a sight raising device. Regards Jonty
  10. jonty

    Sight Raising Blocks Wanted

    I am seeking to purchase a second hand sight raising block that will fit a Feinwerkbau 2602. I want the type that rotates to change from 50 to 100 metres. If you have one or know of one for sale, please e-mail me. Regards.
  11. I am still seeking a lightweight target rifle for use by a female colleage. Anything decent considered, but nothing too expensive. Appropriate FAC is in place. So have you one, or do you know of one for sale. Regards Jonty.
  12. jonty

    Sight Raising Blocks Wanted

    I am seeking to purchase a second hand sight raising block that will fit a Feinwerkbau 2602, and the type that you rotate to change from 50 to 100 metres. If anyone has one or knows where there is one for sale please e-mail me. Thanks.
  13. jonty

    Gun Cabinet Wanted

    I am seeking to purchase a second hand gun cabinet. Tha cabinet must be of Police approved quality and have a separate internal locking compartment for ammo etc. If you have one, or know of one that is for disposal, please let me know contact details. Many thanks. Jonty
  14. I am seeking to purchase a target rifle shooting jacket. I am a size 44inch chest and 6 foot tall, so need one to suit those sizes. I would consider either double canvass or a leather jacket, but it must be in good condition. Do you have one for sale or know anyone who has. Regards. Jonty
  15. jonty

    Lightweight Target Rifle Wanted.

    I am seeking to purchase a .22 rimfire target rifle complete with sights, butt plates etc. It is for a female who doesnt want a heavier type of weapon. Anything considered. North of England area prefered, but we can come to some arrangement for the right one. Appropriate FAC in place. So, what have you.
  16. jonty

    Gun Cabinet Wanted

    Thank you again everyone, I have now obtained a gun cabinet. Regards. Jonty
  17. jonty

    .22 Target Rifle Wanted

    I am looking to purchase a second hand .22 target rifle. I would like a Feinwerkbau 2602 with blue alloy or a 2700, a Walther or Anschutz would also be acceptable. I have the appropriate FAC and will travel to view/try any suitable weapons. Please contact me with any details or information you may have. Thanks.
  18. jonty

    Scope Stand

    I am looking to purchase a second hand prone scope stand (or one that will do 3p). If anyone has one they wish to pass on, please contact me. Thanks