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  1. Ina

    Monard Standard Jacket For Sale

    I have tried to PM you, but you cannot receive any more messages apparently. Perhaps you could PM me? Regards Ina
  2. Ina

    Left Handed Air Rifle

    Has anyone out there got, or know of, a left handed air rifle for sale? One of our newer members was in negotiation to buy one, but the sale has now fallen through! Needless to say she is very disappointed, as she was hoping to have her own gun very shortly. Any help in finding a decent second hand rifle for her would be much appreciated. If anyone can help, please pm me. Thanks Ina
  3. Ina

    Junior Air Rifle

    The angle grinder sounds good (have already done it to my prone rifle!) - unfortunately we don't have that many spare air rifles! I think I will have to get them to allocate a budget (or just have a whip round!). Will certainly look at the FWB. Thanks for the advice. Ina
  4. Ina

    Junior Air Rifle

    I have been asked to make a plea for a 'Junior' air rifle. I understand that it is for a young man of around 12, who still has some growing to do! All of the air rifles at the club are too big for him. If any of you have one, or know where we can buy one, please let me know as one of our members has kindly offered to pay! Thanks Ina