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  1. Part 23 on the PDF attached This being the bit that usually wears out first Anschutz have decided not to make it anymore. According to Ruag it's unavailable I don't suppose anyone has one lying about? N ET_7002.pdf
  2. sunbeam

    Anschutz 6802 Rear Sight And Foresight

    Ah just seen this, no I can only say make me an offer! Best N
  3. sunbeam

    Simmons 24X Riflescope

    Have you a photo/link to more details?
  4. Not been used for some years. Adjustable iris and the rubber eyepiece that everyone will tell you not to use :-) I don't have any idea what price to ask, I am hoping if someone wants this they will not take me to the cleaners Image attached, I think
  5. sunbeam

    Rifle Case For Sale

    131 cm x 34cm x 11cm Ex police firearms case, extremely well built. Aluminium over wood and with 4 individually padlockable latches. Reinforced corners and riveted all over. The handle is home made. This case was designed to protect contents against almost anything. I am sure you could drive a car over it and it would not break. I haven’t tried! Very suitable for air transport of rifles. Obviously quite heavy but I bought it by post so it can be DHL’d etc to buyer. Looking for £60 ex postage costs. Based in London Rifle not included!
  6. sunbeam

    Anschutz Gemini Rifle

    Hey Harry, aint seen u recently at WBRC. I had a drink with carl le B last week, not a good idea at my age!
  7. sunbeam

    Mec 3 Buttplate

    yeh go on then! Maybe we split the postage? S
  8. sunbeam

    Mec 3 Buttplate

    I used this buttplate for two years and then got a Keppeler stock and used the included plate. It's a nice butt plate, the 14 rubber dots grip well and it has good adjustments. You can read all about this buttplate here http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/mec-contact-iii-butt-plate-p-269.html It's in perfect condition, I can't see a mark on it and it comes in a plastic tube! That has to be the icing on the cake! Seems they are £135 new, I'll take £80 The picture is not of my plate but is identical S
  9. sunbeam

    For Sale: 20-60 X 80 Spotting Scope

    did it get ebayed? nick
  10. sunbeam

    Selling Up

    Silly question perhaps but Ive been caught out before, is this scope suitable for any sights? it does have fine hairs? s
  11. sunbeam

    Digital Slr Canon Eos-d60

    Still selling it Peter? Nick yes Nick I still have it Peter Ill PM you N
  12. sunbeam

    Digital Slr Canon Eos-d60

    Still selling it Peter? Nick
  13. sunbeam

    .308 / 7.62mm Target Rifle Wanted

    The gruniger and elmers in anschutz stocks that fultons often have for around £700 are good value. I have one since last year and while it may not be the prettiest it shoots well. The action is particularly nice and it gets possibles, I did one in the 1st round of the queens this year which made the £3.500 HPS shooter next to me, who dropped 2, rather grumpy! Otherwise fultons tend to start at about £1200 for second hand swings which is more than i can afford S
  14. sunbeam

    System Gemini Fr703

    Took me almost as long to get to grips with the Keppeler stock on my 1913 action. Once you get over the hump though it's worth it! S
  15. sunbeam

    3 Near Antique Air Weapons For Sale

    I cant remember what the diana looked like, you dont have any links to a pic do you? The old webley mk 1 was a great little pistol, id almost like it for the nostalgia. I think i let mine rot away in my parents attic! S