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  1. bernard93

    Mec Contact Iv Butt Plate

    Still for sale???
  2. bernard93

    Left Hand 22 Target Rifle

    Hi all, Looking for a Left hand 22 target rifle including sights. Ideally something in a thumbhole. Based in Surrey but happy to travel to collect. Cheers, Bernard
  3. bernard93

    Anschutz Iris 9779

    Hi everybody, Hoping somebody has a Anschutz Iris 9779 for my TR rifle. It's a standard iris with 6 coloured filters, ideally want the anschutz so it matches my other TR rifle set up. Cheers, Bernard.
  4. bernard93

    Right Sight Wanted

    Hi all, Looking for a right sight with a 4 - 6mm iris and the usual sun shades etc. If anybody has one there not using please let know. Cheers, Bernard
  5. bernard93

    Right Sight Wanted

    Correct ! Fullbore TR frontsight... Anybody have one they don't need? Bernard
  6. bernard93

    Left Hand Rpa Quadlock

    Looking for a left Hand quadlock TR rifle in 308. Let me know if you have one and want it to go to a new home! Cheers, Bernard
  7. bernard93

    Rpa 22Mm Ladder Front Sight

    Hi all, I have a RPA 22MM Ladder front sight in perfect condition with the following attachements. 1. RPA spirt level 2. Centra iris 3. Centra .5 Eagle eye 4. Centra Front anti glare tube. (has some carbon markings from overhanging muzzle) 5. Ladder front sight with .750inch barrel locator ring I dont have any photos at the moment as its stored in bisley and im not back until the begining of Aug. I would like £210.00 for the whole lot. All the best, Bernard
  8. bernard93

    1913 Barrelled Action For Sale

  9. bernard93

    1913 Barrelled Action For Sale

    For sale 1913 Left Hand Barrelled action with 690mm barrel and 20 series adaptor block. Reason for sale is that Im just not home enough at the moment due to work commitments. Bought in 2005 from Surrey Guns, only owner and i have fired 10000 rounds through it (used it as a fullbore trainer) Would like £600.00 ovno. Based in Belfast N.Ireland and will forward (at my expense) to your RFD on the mainland. Email b_heatley@btinternet.com or PM for Photos. Cheers, Bernard.
  10. bernard93

    1913 Barrelled Action For Sale

    Price dropped to £400.00 Now then Bernard.....the bogeyman's got £350 with your name on it, what dya say?? I'll even collect it from ya, cant say fairer than that. :ninja: Bogey, Lets do the deal.... drop me a PM to arrange a meeting place. All the best Bernard.
  11. bernard93

    1913 Barrelled Action For Sale

    Price dropped to £400.00
  12. bernard93

    Scatt System For Sale

    Scatt Sold..... Thanks for looking!!!
  13. bernard93

    Scatt System For Sale

    USB Scatt system for sale. Reason for sale is that I jumping to and from the Middle east for work and will be like this for the next few years... Comes with Back pack USB cable for PC Metal target frame Instructions Codes for components to work with software Barrel mounted detector Would like £550.00 ovno. Email b_heatley@btinternet.com or PM for Photos if required. Cheers Bernard
  14. bernard93

    Anschutz 1907 Stock

    Graeme, Right or left hand?
  15. bernard93

    Rpa Spirit Level

    Guys, Looking for a RPA 22mm level to fit the there adjustable front sight. It needs to be to be the clamp on type thats made for the RPA sight as i have a Gehmann one at the moment and im not that happy with it. Let me know if you have one lying around. Thanks again. Bernard
  16. bernard93

    Target Rifle For Sale

    RIFLE SOLD Hi all, Unfortunately I have to do this.... I spend all of my time now shooting my Quadlock so my Keppeler has to go... Below is the spec of the rifle 308 Win Caliber 30" Walther Palma barrel 1 in 30" 510 rounds through the barrel Machined Metal stock with fully adjustable check piece & Butt plate Centra Long range rear sight 1/4 min elevation and windage adjustment with Gehmann Iris and sun shade Riles 18mm Adjustable front sight (3 Minutes) with gehmann iris and centra sun shade and integral level Just to confirm the Handstop and front rest are not included in the sale. It is in perfect nick and easily shoots possibles with Hps ammo, Handloads and RG. This rifle would be prefect for TR, 300m, TR-F Class. Now for the nasty bit I paid £2000.00 for the rifle alone 2 years ago excluding the sights et al, I would like to get £1700.00 shipped to your friendly Firearms dealer. I won’t split it up unless someone wants the rifle and not the sights. I am in Belfast N.Ireland so still in the U.K so firearms transfers the usual way. Feel free to PM me or get me on b_heatley@btintenet.com Thanks in advance. Bernard
  17. bernard93

    Scatt System

    moriniman, Check your PM's Bernard.
  18. bernard93

    Scatt System

    Hi all, Anybody have a scatt system they they are willing to let go? USB or serial i dont really mind... Thanks in advance Bernard
  19. bernard93

    Left Hand Anschutz Thumbhole Stock

    PM Sent
  20. bernard93

    Left Hand Anschutz Thumbhole Stock

    Hi, Topic title covers this really Left Hand Anschutz thumbhole Stock to fit a 1913 or a 20 series as i have an adaptor block. Cheers Bernard.
  21. bernard93

    Left Hand Rear Sight

    Hi all, Any one got a fullbore rear sight for a left handed shooter which fits on an anschutz rail floating about?? RPA, Centra, new or second hand doesnt really matter.... Let me know Bernard
  22. bernard93

    Scope Stand

    Hi All, Looking for a new scope stand for Prone 22 and fullbore. Anybody got anything out there?? If so Pm me or email me at b_heatley@btinternet.com Cheers Brendan
  23. bernard93

    Anschutz Sight Extension Tube For 1913

    deal done.... thanks very much Tiny.. Bernard
  24. bernard93

    Anschutz Sight Extension Tube For 1913

    Title says it all really. Would prefer the tube that slides over the dovetail on the front of the barrel. Any condition is ok. Let me know. Cheers Bernard.
  25. bernard93

    Anschutz Sight Extension Tube For 1913

    PM sent