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  1. David Levene

    Tabular vs Grid Layout

    When? ? I still don't like the new layout Neil.
  2. David Levene

    Turning Target Unit

    No there aren't.
  3. David Levene

    Megalink electronic targets

    Ah, that I don't know Ian. I was talking about the FB page.
  4. David Levene

    Megalink electronic targets

    If you read the description of the Shooting UK Facebook page, specifically clause 5, you will see that adverts are not permitted. "5th AMMENDED: No Ad's please, use our Facebay-Bisley page for all Ad's. We want to keep this page just for discussions and help topics, mentoring and general sporting conversations. Thanks for your help!"
  5. David Levene

    Upgrading The Forum

    And the "donate" button is where ;-) (Just a reminder not to forget it)
  6. David Levene

    Morini 162210 Air Release Tool

    That doesn't work on a Morini. The cylinder's valve is opened by air pressure, not physical contact.
  7. David Levene

    Upgrading The Forum

    Although I visit the forum several times a day I very rarely post anything apart from news regarding The British Pistol Club open meetings. That news is also, obviously, also posted on the BPC FB page. There is still a place for a discussion forum, TargetTalk proves that, but I'm not sure how many the sport needs in addition to all of the FB groups.
  8. David Levene

    10M Match Pistol Wanted

    Just don't be tempted by any of the 5-shot air pistols, e.g. Steyr LP5/50, until the legal position is clarified.
  9. David Levene

    Cheap Scatt System

    That didn't last long. "Advert Expired"
  10. David Levene

    Filling Adapter For Steyr From "standard" Hose Hex Fitting

    Have you tried http://www.bestfittings.co.uk/ The picture you have of the filling adaptor is one of their "through drilled" items, not the standard Steyr unit.
  11. David Levene

    Morini Cm84E .22Lr Uk Specification "long Arm”

    Dave and Paul, I don't know if you two know each other, but I'll vouch for you both.
  12. David Levene

    Mec Screws

    MEC? http://www.mec-shot.de/en/
  13. David Levene

    Caravan For Rent (Including Smallbore Week)

    This coming weekend is the NSRA Pistol Meeting. The following weekend is BPC.
  14. David Levene

    Issf Decimal Gauge

    I presume you're aware that you can buy the whole set from the ISSF shop for only 37 euro plus shipping.
  15. David Levene

    Forum App

    Out of interest Rob, what advantage does it have over a normal web browser?
  16. David Levene

    Forum App

    I'm not sure how much easier it could be. I have no problems using an Android tablet. I usually find that site specific apps are a disappointment and go back to the web browser version. The only notable exception I can think of is the ISSF News.
  17. David Levene

    Wot's "pm Me" Mean

    "Private message me". Click on the posters details to see their profile. You then get an option to send a message.
  18. David Levene

    Lp2 And Lp5 Valuation Rq'd

    Another thing to remember is that the market for an LP5 is probably much stronger here in the UK as we use them for the 25m events. There are now no ISSF events for 5-shot air pistols, and the triggers aren't in the same league as top-line single shots.
  19. David Levene

    Retirement Sale

    Someone else who didn't notice that the original post is over 8 years old?
  20. David Levene

    Anschutz Butt Plate Nut

    Part number 50 on at least one of the drawings. 4709A-5 is the number to look for.
  21. David Levene

    Steyr Lp10 - Swap For An Lp50

    = Steyr UK
  22. David Levene

    Private Messages

    View his profile then send him a message?
  23. David Levene

    New Forum Lay Out

    I just wish there was a way, on the "New Content" page, to "mark all as read". Other than that, I like it. edit note: I've just spotted that there is one, right down at the bottom.
  24. David Levene

    Shooting Glasses

    If your font size is any indication then you really need those glasses, URGENTLY
  25. David Levene

    Scoring Gauge

    Thanks again for the link Paul. Sorted, along with a few other O's & S's