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    Ian Harris got a reaction from Jen in Target changers   
    The Welsh Airgun Association has the following for sale.
    (a) Haering EL3 target changers (with 12 volt power supply, table adapter, lamp bracket, lamp shade and 20W low energy mains bulb), at £175.00 per set.
    The Haering changers are refurbished - the control board has been replaced with a brand-new control board (of a different design to the original control board) from Intarso (the new owners of Haering), and each changer has been tested.
    (b) A large number of 2m mains leads, at £2.00 each (used to daisy-chain mains power to the changers and target lights).
    The equipment will need to be collected from Hereford.

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    Ian Harris got a reaction from Horgi in Target Pistol Wanted PCP   
    I have three full length LP2s for sale in the For Sales section.
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