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  1. Ian Harris

    Steyr Lp2 Compact

    I have a contact looking for a Steyr LP2 Compact, preferably with the black finish. Please Private Message or leave a message here. Thanks.
  2. Ian Harris

    Steyr Lp5 Grips

    Three LP5 Grips for sale. Two medium size right-hand grips and one small right-hand grip. All are in as-new condition, with plastic spacer and mounting bolt. £70.00 each (postage included). Payment either by bank transfer (preferred) or cheque.
  3. Ian Harris

    Steyr Lp5 Grips

    Medium-size grips available. The Rink web site would suggest that the LP1, LP2, LP10 and LP@Anschütz all share a basic fit (although original Morini grips for Steyr may need some adjustment to fit a model different to the LP5), however the LP2 Compact is shown as a separate fitting. I don't have a LP2 so can't guarantee that the LP5 grip will fit the LP2.
  4. Ian Harris

    Steyr Lp5 Grips

    Yes, the small grip is still available. I don't have a manual LP50 to check - the places I've looked on the net all seem to suggest that the LP5 and LP50 grips are interchangable, but I can't be 100% sure.
  5. Ian Harris

    World Champion 3 Frames For Sale

    Sold at £100.00.
  6. Ian Harris

    World Champion 3 Frames For Sale

    For sale on behalf of a friend. World Champion 3 frames, with case and hex screwdriver. Pistol lens ring with lens (unknown prescription). Rifle lens ring. Two combi eyshields, one opaque and one solid grey. 28mm iris (currently fitted to pistol lens ring). Current price new about £195, will accept £100 (postage included). Payment either by bank transfer (preferred) or cheque.
  7. Ian Harris

    Icons Not Displaying

    Neil, Since the upgrade, I don't get some of the icons (on the left of the screen) displaying properly - once you get down into the forums they display OK, the problem for me is in the forum directory view. The icons in the bottom part of the first screen (Board Statistics) show up correctly. I've re-set cookies and cleared the cache. This happens for me with IE and Firefox and on two different computers.
  8. Ian Harris

    Icons Not Displaying

    Neil, My displays are the same as the images - I think I assumed that as there were coloured icons (with graphics) in the Board Statistics panel that the icons in the other panels would have something similar. The icons just showing "IPB" just didn't look right. To answer your question about firewalls, one PC is running Zonealarm Pro and the other is running the standard WinXP firewall.
  9. Ian Harris

    Häring Esa-10 10m Electronic Target

    Now sold.
  10. Ian Harris

    Häring Esa-10 10m Electronic Target

    For sale Häring ESA-10 10m electronic target, with stand, light, cable with interface box, software, manual, spare white target surrounds (rifle and pistol), spare rolls of black paper. Requires PC with serial port (not USB - although an adapter may work). Quite heavy, so needs to be collected or could get it to Bisley (date to be arranged). £500.00
  11. Ian Harris

    Häring Esa-10 10m Electronic Target

    Provisionally sold.
  12. Ian Harris

    Remember The Days Of The Spectrum

    Velcro was invented to stop ram-pack wobble.
  13. Ian Harris

    Ftagh: Acorn Archimedes Computer

    Not for sale, free to a good home. Not mine, disposing of on behalf of a friend of my father. Acorn Archimedes 310 computer with keyboard and mouse, all in good condition. Eizo Flexscan 9060S colour monitor. Epson LQ-570+ printer with extra ribbon. All required leads and cables + various books + 2 games. Not able to split, must go all in one lot. Could deliver - will be at the indoor range at Bisley for the 2003 Surrey on the Sunday. Need to know in advance, otherwise would need to be collected.