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  1. tyro

    Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    Find out what the majority of the GB U19's are using and go for that. I know of at least one person who wasnt using the "in equipment" and was dropped from the squad.
  2. tyro

    Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    Seem to remember it was something like 3/16" BSF, I have the tap at work and can check tomorrow as I made a rail that had the fixings closer together giving better adjustment or alternatively tap out one of the existing holes something like M6 then just use a set screw through a normal bipod.
  3. tyro

    Left Hand 22Lr Target Rifle

    Another tidy one here http://www.fultonsofbisley.com/shop/firearms/target-rifles/639-f1575-anschutz-left-hand-tr-22.html