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  1. I think Fergus is moving house - I've messaged him on Facebook.
  2. Paul, the handstop arrived this morning - many thanks.
  3. .22 rifle - the space doesn't specify type of action.
  4. Thanks - could be useful.
  5. They push in, and there is a screw underneath - I've bough a few 6805 biathlon versions and swapped the flap for the tube. Which website has the tubes for sale?
  6. Not an aluminium stock, but a possible option? (not mine, by the way.) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anschutz-8002-Laminated-Air-Rifle-Stock-/132125214888?hash=item1ec346c8a8:g:368AAOSwzgBYxuRq
  7. Recent Freelands aren't polished but are painted black, but I'm not sure this a Freeland.
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