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  1. Thanks - could be useful.
  2. They push in, and there is a screw underneath - I've bough a few 6805 biathlon versions and swapped the flap for the tube. Which website has the tubes for sale?
  3. Not an aluminium stock, but a possible option? (not mine, by the way.) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anschutz-8002-Laminated-Air-Rifle-Stock-/132125214888?hash=item1ec346c8a8:g:368AAOSwzgBYxuRq
  4. Recent Freelands aren't polished but are painted black, but I'm not sure this a Freeland.
  5. My contact is in Canada until next week - I'll contact him on his return.
  6. I know someone with a brand new one that he wants to sell - I'll give him a nudge.
  7. I've seen your sight on ebay - it looks like 20 clicks per rotation, rather than 10 - if it is 20 it's pretty rare.
  8. That's the correct spot to try.
  9. Have you re-greased the cam in the bolt handle which bears on the edge of the firing pin, after you cleaned the bolt? If this is dry it is nearly impossible to lift the bolt handle.
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