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  1. inash

    Izh 46M For Sale

  2. inash

    Izh 46M For Sale

    IZH 46M for sale - not really used that much and in perfect condition. Includes 1550 Peli Case, tools and various bits and pieces. Based in Ireland at the moment but can be brought over to UK. Its a great pistol, I'm just not using it enough and want to put the money towards a decent target buttplate. Looking for €350 for the lot, which is about £300.
  3. inash

    Kneeling Roll

    SOLD! (to me)
  4. inash

    Kneeling Roll

    I live in Warwickshire. Can you PM me your paypal details?
  5. inash

    Kneeling Roll

    I'd be interested, have you got a pic?
  6. inash

    Clear Out

    how much for the gemini but hook
  7. inash

    Fwb Cleaning Rod Guide

    How much?
  8. inash

    Parts For A Foresight

    I will say that I recently got a Centra sights set and I was very impressed, quite a bit more then the gehman set I got. I'll get in touch with Surrey guns, thanks everyone!
  9. inash

    Parts For A Foresight

    I stupidly manged to loose* the wire thing which held in the the bars (cant bars?) on my gehman adjustable foresight, these bars have now fallen out. Does anyone have any or know where I get them? *We shoot out of containers here and my gun and the flap met!
  10. inash

    Instruction Manual For An Fwb 601

  11. inash

    Instruction Manual For An Fwb 601

    We may have one in the club, if we have a copy I'll send one on.
  12. inash

    Wanted: Butt Plate For A 2602

    I'm looking for a prone buttplate to replace the standard FWB issue one that comes with a 2602. I'm not too picky about make or type.
  13. inash

    Wanted: Butt Plate For A 2602

    http://www.sportec.se/Bilder/feinwerkbau/2602supermatch.jpeg I find that it doesn't seem to settle in my shoulder. I used a KK200 before and the buttplate with that was great.
  14. inash

    10m Ar Target Changers

    Does anyone have any 10m AR target changers that they don't want? 2 25m target changers would also be great!
  15. inash

    Air Rifles Wanted

    There was a P70 and a Walther for sale here a week or two ago... Glad to see that you are starting real shooting!!
  16. inash

    For Sale: Air Rifle Shooting Book By Mec

    Edit: SOLD!!
  17. inash


    Count me in.. Any more info? Age? etc...
  18. inash

    Clear Out, Stuff Rifles, Jackets Etc

    How much for the Mouche jacket, MEC buttplate, Centra rearsight element, the 2x gloves and the shoe straigteners? Photos would be great I'll PM my email How much for the P70? Pics would be great...
  19. inash

    Foresight Elements

    I'm looking for some foresight elements that will fit either a FWB 601/603/2602 Trgt Rifle Or a couple of foresights with the variable elements if you have them. Cheers, Iain
  20. inash

    Peli Cases

    Neil, I picked up a 1550 Peli case, with foam and P&P for $185 - Thats about €120 euro and circa £80 If you order them from the states, even with shipping they are great value. I know someone in the trade over there so if people are interested, an order can be put together
  21. inash

    Junior / Ladies Air Rifle

    Hi, We are looking for a Junior Air Rifle, suitable for the girls who come down and find the 601s a bit heavy. Any type / brand is ok, does not have to be PCP. Thanks! Iain
  22. inash

    Shooters Elbow Pads Required

    I know people who use the sleeves of wetsuits. You can buy the sleeves in any marine store
  23. inash

    Reasonably Priced Cabinet W/top Safe For Ammo

    Your current cabinet is fine though! You just need better internal mountings! If you built a trolley like frame that would hold the guns and roll in and out that would stop the guns getting damaged and make life easier! Back on topic; INFAC have a range of safe that fits 7-8 air rifles (depending on how you pack them) and seems to be quite cheap.
  24. inash

    Reasonably Priced Cabinet W/top Safe For Ammo

    Frankonia stock a wide range of gun cabinents that are designed to blend in with the room.. They have a wooden frames of a variety of designs built over the safe.
  25. inash

    Pistol Grip For Kk200

    I have never found a good position either! I have seem some people make their own as a solution