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  1. niamac

    Lapua Midas + Ammunition For Sale

    PM sent Niall
  2. niamac

    Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    Quite. N
  3. niamac

    Anschutz Supermatch Stock

    Hi, Wanted - an Anschutz Supermatch wooden stock. Regards, Niall Macdonald
  4. niamac

    Barrelled Action

    Try Charles.
  5. niamac

    Kit Clear Out

    PM sent. N
  6. niamac

    Lots Of Club Rifles!

    This being Freshers week I thought I'd have a look at how Glasgow University Rifle Club, one of our tenant clubs, were getting on. On a dreich Sunday afternoon I went down to the Range and found I could hardly get in the door. There must have been about 60 students crowded into the Club and the existing GU members were manfully struggling to give them each a taste of the sport. I fully realise that this will not convert into complete commitment but the interest was there and it was heartening. Regards, Niall
  7. niamac

    View New Posts

    Neil, Has this useful feature disappeared in the new version or am I just too thick to find it? Regards, Niall PS Like the rest of the Mk II
  8. niamac

    For Sale - Anschutz Match 54

    Hi, Having upgraded to a Supermatch I have an Anschutz Match 54 for sale. It is year '62 and has a prone stock. It is, however, in good condition and still shoots better than the current firer. It would be a good rifle for someone starting out and I am looking for about £100 for it. Regards, Niall Macdonald
  9. niamac

    Wanted Trigger Shoe

    Hi, I am looking for a trigger shoe for an Anschutz 1813 if anyone has one they wish to sell Regards, Niall Macdonald
  10. niamac

    Electronic Training Systems

    Our Club (Bearsden in Glasgow) is considering investing in an Electronic Training System such as SCATT, RIKA, KME,. Does any Club or individual have (disinterested) experience in the use and/or efficacy of any of these systems? Regards, Niall Macdonald