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  1. thesquiff

    Scatt Wanted

    In the market for a scatt machine if the price is right. If you have one for sale, please send me a PM.
  2. thesquiff

    Scatt Wanted

    Pm sent in reply to that post but not seen a reply as yet.
  3. thesquiff

    Caravan For Rent (Including Smallbore Week)

    Last year's tenant is unfortunately not well enough to compete this year, so yes it is available. Please send me a PM.
  4. Caravan for Rent A wide, modern caravan with clean, working appliances, heat & light. Three bedrooms & a spacious living area. The caravan is positioned on a pleasant spot on the edge of Site 2 towards Stickledown range, and a 30 second walk from the refurbished washroom and shower facilities. Sleeping Accommodation: One twin room One single room One compact bunk room (recommend one adult or two children). Room for several to sleep comfortably on the sofas (which are designed to double as beds) if required! Features: Gas oven and hobs (gas provided) Gas Fire (gas provided) Gas Fridge (gas provided) 12V Battery Lighting (leisure battery provided) Gazebo and outdoor seating. Small charcoal barbecue Mobile phone charging point. CD Player & FM/AM/LW Radio & Tape Deck Kettle Crockery, pots & pans, cutlery, drinking glasses, wine glasses etc included. Bed linen not included. Available for the whole of the NSRA Bisley Meeting in August for £225 Also available for other Smallbore & Fullbore meetings (but not the Imperial). PM or email with your requirements for rates. Enquire Now for Availability! Charlie Asquith: 07701066938 or charlie@asqcomputing.co.uk Photos to follow
  5. thesquiff

    Caravan For Rent (Including Smallbore Week)

    Available for both :-)
  6. thesquiff

    Caravan For Rent (Including Smallbore Week)

    Available for BPC this weekend.
  7. thesquiff

    Shooting Glasses

    In the market for some shooting glasses that haven't been sat on as much as mine. Must have rifle lens holder.
  8. thesquiff

    Caravan For Rent (Including Smallbore Week)

    Caravan now taken for smallbore week but just become available again for anyone needing last minute accommodation for this weekend.
  9. thesquiff

    Andrew Tucker Stands (X8)

    Intershoot sell the Jubilee clip mount assemblies - might help the purchaser.
  10. thesquiff

    Where Can I Get One Of These?

    I need a top screw for an Anschutz trigger blade (like this one: http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/anschutz-trigger-shoe-p-594.html) as some pillock has rounded it off. Is it possible to source the screw anywhere or do I new a whole new trigger blade? TIA.
  11. thesquiff

    Where Can I Get One Of These?

    Thanks Michelle!
  12. thesquiff

    Where Can I Get One Of These?

    That's nearly as much as a rip of as Fultons!
  13. thesquiff

    Scope And Stand

    The scopes are good value (I think my club got a load for £15 each). They are OK for 25yds, 50m. 100yds is pushing it tbh as finding the holes becomes difficult. Fine for fullbore as you have a dirty great orange marker but the rain gets in very easily.
  14. thesquiff

    Updating Profile

    When trying to save a few changes to my profile I get a 403 Forbidden error: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  15. thesquiff

    Updating Profile

    Still no luck I'm afraid...
  16. thesquiff

    Reloading Kit

    Thanks to moriniman for sorting me out with most of the kit I need. Still in the market for a Lyman case trimmer.
  17. thesquiff

    Reloading Kit

    Not really the right forum for this I know, but just in case: I'm after some 308 Win reloading kit. Specifically I'm looking for a 2nd hand press (even better if it comes with dies) and a case trimmer. If you have some disused kit gathering dust I'd be glad to hear from you.
  18. thesquiff

    Anschutz Butt Plates

    I believe it says that leaving an item open to offers is acceptable but it is asking for "price advice" that is not.
  19. thesquiff

    Fullbore Target Rifle - Wanted

    Fulton's of Bisley have a selection of swing Mk 4's + a few others. They have photos on their website.
  20. thesquiff

    1913 In A New Precise Stock

    How much are you looking for? Does i t come with sights? I have some spare sights if you wish. Suggest you get in touchwith me on the following email aaforrester@btinternet.com. Let me have your contact details and we can see if we can come up with a deal. I believe forum rules say you have to state a price.
  21. thesquiff

    Feinwerkbau 2700 Cleaning Rod Guide

    No, but I'd like one too! MajorRS first in the queue of course!
  22. thesquiff

    Fwb Butt Plate Bit

    You have a point - but its by far the cheapest replacement part I could ever need for a rifle so I'll count myself lucky!
  23. thesquiff

    Fwb Butt Plate Bit

    A bit of my FWB butt plate attachment bit just fell apart. Its the funny shaped nut thing that the allen screw that goes through the legs screws into (apologies for the techincal description). Anyone have one of these, or the whole assembly? Failing that, who's best to approach about a replacement? Will try and upload some better photos later when I'm not emailing them from my phone.
  24. thesquiff

    Fwb Butt Plate Bit

    Just to follow up on this, Fultons of Bisley were able to get me an exact replacement nut for a tenner.
  25. thesquiff

    Strange Logon Problem

    This is probably just a problem with my machine, but has anyone experienced a similar problem and how was it solved? When I logon to the forum, it changes to the screen 'thesquiff is logged on: now transfering..." etc. Then sometimes it will revert to the logon page. Sometimes I can browse a few pages before returning to the logon screen again. Sometimes I can even browse as far as writing a post, but then when I press submit it returns to the logon screen. Now this is happening on both Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7 on my work PC. It sounds like a cookie or session problem, but I've been through all the settings on both browsers and everything is setup to allow them. Anyone any idea whats going on here? Or am I going to just accept that I should be doing work when sitting at my desk?