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  1. Not really in to the facetubetwitterers type social media here!


    I have always appreciated the level of sensible comment and the considered opinions that members spend a deal of time thinking about before posting. Therefore, I would add my vote to the side that is for keeping things pretty much as they are. I would also second 10 Dots in thanking Neil for keeping the forum up and running.

  2. Hi all


    Does anyone know where to obtain a rollover foresight of the type manufactured by Barry Nesom. I understand he lives in Yorkshire somewhere and have done an internet search without success.




    Desperate of Boston

    This should do it -


    Foresight (turnover sight)

    Barry Nesom, Spring Keep, Keld Head, Pickering, North Yorkshire. YO18 8LL


    Tel 01751-473124

  3. Like the updated forum.


    I feel justified now in the argument I had with the wife when I said "Hang the expense. What if we don't eat for a couple of days - send the man a £1, he's been working hard" Fully vindicated now!


    Thanks and I hope it makes your task easier as well as giving the end users more.