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    sdixon1 reacted to rhysatkins in .308 / 7.62 TR   
    I have an RPA quadlock that I was about to list for sale.
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    sdixon1 reacted to Artiglio in Bleiker 6mm br CISM   
    Bleiker 6mm br cism, please see photos, round count 350, fclass has become my discipline of choice  and this gets used too rarely. Please message for specific info or more pics. £2100
    bank transfer or cash on collection

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    sdixon1 reacted to Neilj62 in 1813 Barrel & Action   
    Hi Scott,
    Ok, that’s great, I will check with my RFD and PM you the details?
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    sdixon1 reacted to Neilj62 in 1813 Barrel & Action   
    Anyone in the market for an Anschutz 1813 Barrel & Action? 
    Having upgraded to a Grunig I have 2 Anschutz 1813 barrels that I would be happy to part with. Each has shot around 50,000 rounds, and are in excellent condition, having been cleaned every time I shot them. Each one returned groups circa 17mm last time I batch tested at Eley, and both have a Nesom Tube adaptor fitted.
    One has a single stage Kelly triggers fitted (which is very rare these days) which was made specifically for me by John Kelly many years ago, it is superbly made, and has 3 simple adjustments - Sear engagement, Weight, and Over travel; and I do have a copy of the original instructions as well. The other has a standard Anschutz trigger fitted.
    I have other pictures if required, but I only seem to be able to upload this one? So if you’re interested then please PM me and I will send the other photos.
    Obviously collection in person, or transfer via an RFD is needed.
    I am looking for £400 for each, but would be open to discuss sensible offers?

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    sdixon1 reacted to MDShooting1984 in SCATT MX-02 FOR SALE £945.00   
    I am selling a SCATT MX-02 as I rarely use it and could use the money for another project. 
    I am looking for £945.00 (postage included in this price) 
    The SCATT system is in full working order and comes with orginal box, USB, instructions etc.
    If you'd like any furthur detail please leave a comment below, alternatively give me a call or text on 07624234400.
    Many Thanks,

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    sdixon1 reacted to strachandc in Anschutz Match 54 Target Rifle For Sale - £350   
    Having just treated myself to a brand new target rifle, I am now selling my Anschutz Match 54. Complete with Anschutz Fore and Rear Sights, Anti Glare Tube, Bipod, Handstop, Sling Attachment, Variable and Original Rear Iris, Gehmann Free Rifle 809 Buttplate, 12 Foresight Elements and hard Plano Rifle Case. Basically a complete rifle ready to go. This is a very accurate rifle giving me a 98.5 average in a recent 20 card competition. Obviously you will require the necessary Firearms Certificate/Variation. I would prefer if buyer collects as carriage and RFD fees can be high. Buyer would have to cover these costs if required. More photos available upon request. Located in central Scotland.
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    sdixon1 reacted to sdixon1 in 20Series Anschutz For Sale.   
    Original post had sold against it two days after being posted.
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    sdixon1 reacted to sdixon1 in 20Series Anschutz For Sale.   
    Original post had sold against it two days after being posted.
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    sdixon1 reacted to sdixon1 in 20Series Anschutz For Sale.   
    I've just purchased a new Anschutz 54.3 so I'm selling my 20 Series.
    I've had the rifle from new 12years passed August. Ive only put 40-45000 rounds through it as I took a few years out (started a family) The stock broke 3months ago but it's been welded and seems solid. So I'm trying to find out the best way to sell it.
    Barrel and action with a Neesom tube, no sights £850. Ono. I'd add the stock without a hand stop or hook for an extra £100.
    I've also put my Starik 13" tunner tube up for sale £140+pp.
    Please message me for photos via email.
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    sdixon1 reacted to sdixon1 in 20Series Anschutz For Sale.   
    Can you send me your email address. Easier to send photos via email.
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    sdixon1 reacted to moriniman in Scatt Wanted   
    What do you consider reasonable for a scant MX-02, I have one I may consider letting go to a deserving home.
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    sdixon1 reacted to demonloop in For Sale: Bleiker Action With Tested Tenex   
    I've reduced the asking price on the action from £2400.
    I see a nice Gemini stock listed for sale here too, which would work a treat with this.
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    sdixon1 reacted to GaryD in Starik Carbon Tube For Sale   
    Because I have bought a new rifle and it will not fit on it, I am selling my Starik Carbon Fibre TunerTube.
    It is 13 inches long as is like new as I have only had it since January this year.
    It will fit on a 1913 Anschutz, and I am looking for around £140 for it.
    If anyone would like to see it, I will be at the Bisley meeting, or I can send pictures if required
    I forgot to mention that this is STARIK TUNER TUBE
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    sdixon1 reacted to GaryD in Starik Carbon Tube For Sale   
    The barrel diameter is 25.775mm, and was measured with a venier
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    sdixon1 reacted to Christopherspgray in Gun Chest   
    Email sent.
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    sdixon1 reacted to sdixon1 in Gun Chest   
    We now have a spare Thompson chest for sale. It 950mm * 330mm and can hold 10 rifles. Ideal for a club.
    Looking for around £150 and buyer must uplift. I'm in central Scotland.
    Email me for photos.
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    sdixon1 got a reaction from Huey in Scatt Usb With 25 Yard Shoot Through Frame   
    the clue is in the title....
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    sdixon1 reacted to LeeRoussel in Megalink 4K187   
    Hi All,
    As I am no longer shooting Air Rifle and its not feasible to use it over here for Smallbore I am regrettably selling my MegaLink Target.
    it is this model that is available from Edinkillie
    It has the LED Faceplate and also rather than having the screen I have got the USB adapter so you can connect it up to a Laptop via USB which for home training is better than the Screen IMO as you can print off your results easily and it also keeps a record of your training in the software.
    £1,250 Plus Postage (From Guernsey so would be about £50 I think)
    I dont always get notifications from messages on here so if you could reply on here and email me Lee[at]Roussel.me.uk
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    sdixon1 reacted to cjmarrio in Bits And Bobs For Sale   
    PM sent
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    sdixon1 reacted to Christopherspgray in Anschutz 1903 For Sale   
    Withdrawn from sale for now.

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    sdixon1 got a reaction from Huey in Bleiker In Feinwerkbau Alu 2700 Stock For Sale   
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    sdixon1 reacted to K3N in Anschutz In Mec Stock For Sale   
    I have a Anschutz that has been sat in the cabinet for too long
    20 series Anschutz with stainless steel Border barrel (Barrel Oct '05). Rifle last used properly in 2010 so only had about 4 years shooting through it (circa 50,000 rounds)
    Stock was from 2008 and I only shot around 6 months with it so in good condition.
    Looking for £1500 for the lot.
    PM for details and will be at the British 50m.

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    sdixon1 reacted to the bogeyman in Bleiker Alu Rifle - Sold   
    I've decided to move this one on.........don't have time at present to use it and with a couple of projects on the go the cash may come in handy.

    The rifle has been mine from new and was purchased about 4/5 years ago. It has the ALU stock and the long tube. It has a Lapua/RWS bolt. It has always tested well, and although it has the Lapua bolt it tests and shoots equally well with Tenex. I would say I have used approx 30k rounds in this rifle.

    There is also 3k rounds of my current batch tested Tenex available should you wish to hit the ground running.

    I am looking £3,500.00 for a superb rifle.

    Pm for further details.