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    Rifle shooting (small-bore and big-bore), reloading, golf, etc...
  1. I'll have a look at my spare parts tonight. I'm pretty sure I have a replacement...
  2. mmacgill

    Gun And Ammo Safes

    Unfortunately, no longer available...
  3. mmacgill

    Gun And Ammo Safes

    I have a spare cabinet with a lockable compartment (3 gun) if you're interested?
  4. mmacgill

    Rifle Safe

    I have a spare one that I don't need anymore (and it's taking up too much space ). It's a 3-5 rifle(?) with internal lockable compartment... You can PM me if you're interested.
  5. Wot the *** is that picture???!??!?

  6. mmacgill

    Wanted - Gun Cabinets

    I'd recommend the G&C over a Brattonsound. I have a both makes installed at home and the G&C is a much better cabinet IMHO. I'm not too impressed with the build quality of the Brattonsounds nor the locks and, as mentioned, they took an age to arrive once ordered... :angry:
  7. mmacgill

    Wanted: Reloading Equipment

    I have the press and scale (I no longer need them) if you're interested? If you're down at Bisley next week I can bring them down then... Martin.
  8. mmacgill

    1913 Butt Plate

    My Keppeler's got the old stylie butt plate. I've replaced it with a gemini ready for this season so it could be going spare (hoping of course that the gemini will stand the pace of 300m )... Do you need the carrier system too?