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  1. I have an Anschutz adaptor plate for sale. This will enable you to fit a 14 or 18 or 19 series action into a 20 series stock. i.e. the round ones into the square one. It's Anschutz Article No 4980. I only used a for few months while I was waiting for my new 20 series barrel & action to arrive (I got the stock first), so it's in very good condition. Comes with two bolts to fit it onto your existing action, but you will need the four bedding bolts to attach it to the stock. It will raise the sight-line by approx 4mm. Costs over £60 new, so I'm looking for £45. Please PM, email or reply here if you're interested.
  2. Bill

    Anschutz 1813

    Is he selling his dentures with it?
  3. There's one on ebay right now. Item 7220259205. It pops next Friday so there's still plenty of time to bid.
  4. Bill

    Anschutz 1413 & 1813

    Any chance of posting some pictures?
  5. Bill

    Fwb 601 For Sale

    Just to get even more ebayish about this, exactly what time on Thursday 17th would that be? (Wish you hadn't started this yet, Chris?)
  6. Bill

    Air Rifle

    Chris, I'd ask en2ah for a decision - if he wants it, then it's his because you offered it to him first. End of story. If he doesn't want it, then a blind auction by PM seems as good a way as any for you to sell it. It'll probably net you more than £50 for your Games kit and I don't think anyone would grudge you it.
  7. Please explain to those of us who don't have that particular anorak how this works. Preferably in words of one syllable.
  8. Bill

    Wanted: Foresight Block

    Simon, you want to get in touch with Barry Neesom in Yorkshire, who makes foresights which revolve 180 degrees, one position for 100y and the other for 50/25. You can use standard plastic elements or screw in your favourite iris unit, and you can specify a built-in spirit level and/or levelling bars as you want. Barry's phone number is 01751 473124. Tell him what barrel it's for and he will either make one for it or send you a stock item. He does 18mm and 22mm, and can do colour anodizing to match your bolt knob, or whatever. They cost about £70-£80 and are the bees' knees for easy distance changing. If you can't afford that, maybe someone will have a secondhand one available.
  9. Bill

    Action Adaptor Plate

    Yes I do, and you've just saved me the bother of advertising it! I see a new one from Edinkillie costs £63.50. Mine has only been used from November last year to March this year, so it hasn't had much use and is in pretty good nick. No bolts I'm afraid as I'm using them on my new setup. Please PM me if you want to make an offer.
  10. Bill

    Scope Sight For Sale

    This item has now been sold. Bill
  11. I have a Unertl scope sight for sale. I got it new at Camp Perry in 1989 and have only used it twice a year at the Scottish and Bisley since then. It has 20x magnification and a 1 1/2 inch objective (that's Americans for you), which is about 35mm. It is a long scope which is barrel-mounted. If you don't have mounts on your barrel, then you will have to get them added. It won't go on the receiver. Unfortunately it has some small rust marks on the tube, but performance is not affected - optics are superb. First offer over £100 secures. P&P extra, but I could probably deliver in central Scotland or anywhere I happen to be in the next few weeks (eg Aberdeen in March, Bisley in mid-April). I'm having to change to a receiver-mounted scope as the new barrel I have on order won't have barrel mounts. See my post in General/Equipment Reviews...
  12. I have a Ross 20x spotting scope for disposal. It dates from 1971 (yes seventy-one!), but I only used it for two or three years, and it's been lurking in the back of the cupboard ever since. It is in pretty good condition with both lens-caps present and working. It's prismatic, but not angled (i.e. straight but offset), so would make an ideal indoor scope, but the famous Ross optics won't give any problems outdoors if you don't mind a straight scope. I only stopped using it because I wanted to convert to an angled configuration. Focus is by twisting the eyepiece. No fancy sheepskin cover and no stand - just a scope. I'm looking fo £50 for this - it's a quality piece of kit and works as well today as the day it was bought. Contact Bill Hamilton - bill3.hamilton@lineone.net or phone me on 0131 453 4083 any time.
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