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  1. Well, there have been many members who have joined and then never been approved or have left but those membership no's never get re-used ;)

    Just as a matter of interest, Neil, how does one in fact leave the Forum? I've looked all round but can't find anything that says what the mechanism for de-registering is.


    Not that I'd be wanting to, of course...........

  2. I know someone who had problems with their right eye and used a periscope for some years before a cataract operation sorted it out. She used one of John Kelly's (RIP) periscopes. This uses two mirrors for the periscope function, and she was always complaining about lack of light, as the mirrors did absorb a lot. They also have to be kept meticulously clean, and you really really have to watch your cant angle. The eyepiece has to be very close to eye in order to get a proper field of view too.


    She had two of these, both now passed on to others I'm afraid Richard.

  3. I have three tripod stands with spring-clip fasteners if this is what you might want. The fasteners all work but aren't in the best of health and at least two of them would need replacing. The NSRA sell them for about a tenner. You can have the stands for a fiver each plus postage.


    They're going on ebay eventually otherwise.



  4. Dave,


    The details of the conversion are lost in the mists of time. All I know is that I unearthed the rifle from the depths of the armoury where it had been lurking for goodness-knows how long and took some pics and tried the trigger. It's definitely lighter than the original 3lbs and seems (from my recollection of those times) about what it should have been at the time when the regulations were changed (500gm/1.1lbs). I can't comment too much on the ejection, except to say it worked 100% for the one round I tried in it. I guess I could try two rounds and see how those go.




    Not sure if you're talking to me or Dave.

  5. The club has for sale an Anschutz Model 54 from 1963 (stamped on the barrel). Original prone stock. Single-stage trigger - not the contemporary 3lbs but slightly heavier than a modern one, so it must have had a different spring fitted sometime. Single-extractor bolt as per 14xx series, but this pre-dates that nomenclature. Includes sights.


    As a complete rifle it might not be up to much by modern standards, but I'm betting the barrel is still pretty good as it comes from the era when Anschutz really knew how to make barrels. It probably hasn't been used for over 30 years, and before that it was only used by a school CCF shooting team up to its disbandment in 1971 so it hasn't taken a beating.


    If anyone wants it to attach a modern action to it or even just a trigger and put it into a newer stock, it's probably a pretty good-value buy to make the custom rifle of their dreams. Go for it!!!!!!!!.


    Make me an offer!

  6. I have for sale a BSA Martini International MkII from the early 1950s. It's in pretty good condition.


    One of our older club members is retiring from the sport after over 60 years and as his FAC is up in October he was just going to scrap this venerable old rifle. However, I managed to talk him out of it and he has given it to the club to sell on for club funds. He has not used it at all in the last 3 years, and before that only sporadically for the previous 15 or so. He bought it second had for £30 in about 1953 (he's not too sure), and he only ever used it indoors. It has not had that much use over the years. He was one of this area's best shots in the 1950s and '60s, and I can personallyverify that it does shoot well and the barrel should still be good, although it could probably do with a good clean prior to anyone using it in earnest again after this period of disuse. Its number is UE264, for any buffs out there who want to trace it. I believe it's quite an early one.


    It comes with all the accessories so it can be used straight out of the box - standard PH sights with 6-hole eyepiece, handstop, two-piece single-point sling (sling part permanently attached to rifle, detachable cuff for the arm) plus a bipod which slots into the handstop. Spares include an extra cuff and the original handstop. It comes with a relatively new and little-used GunGuard single case (brown) which is worth something not insignificant in itself (no key for it, though).


    The rifle had its butt shortened in two stages, and the two offcuts and the original buttplate & screws are included. The current buttplate allows it to be offset. There is no rust and the sights appear to work perfectly. The action works well. The trigger has been lightened from the original 3lb pull, although I can't say exactly what it is now, but it does feel good.


    The slot on the foresight tightening screw has worn out (and in fact has been cut away) and a standard screw has been inserted. Still works fine. I think that's the only blemish, which could probably be rectified quite easily if desired.


    I want a quick sale and am looking for offers. It's currently located in Edinburgh but I shall take it to the Bisley meeting and advertise there it if nobody bites here before then (or hand it over to anyone who does).


    However, please note that I shall be away at the Wick meeting from Friday to Monday this weekend (27th-29th), and then again from the 2nd to 20th August. I don't do mobile internet or email, but for the week before Bisley I will be able to check the forum & PMs (but not email) on a friend's computer. I shall be home next week on Tue/Wed (24th/25th) to check any replies. Ideally I would like to be able to pass it on at Bisley.


    Please post or PM (or email before the 2nd) if you have any questions or wish to make an offer. I have other pictures I can email if wanted. I can give my phone number offline to anyone who wants to express an early interest but can't commit until later.


    Don't all rush at once!




  7. This probably isn't a bug but a feature, but I'd like to complain about it anyway.


    When I hit the View New Posts menu option, the items I haven't read will be displayed. No problem. However, if I decide not to open any of them (or not all of them) and exit the Forum, the next time I sign in and try View New Posts, the items I did not open the previous time are not displayed.


    I haven't opened them, so why does the system think I have? Can this be changed?


    I did this last night and saw there were too many to plough through before I went to bed and thought I'd catch up with them this morning. All gone! It'll take ages to track them down now. :(

  8. Screenshots are what I get.


    If the little orange squares are intentional that's fine, but I don't think they appear in the same way as the old version, when they were a little blue square, just a little larger than the orange ones, and with rounded corners.


    The orange ones seem to me to be an ever-present. If I go into the Ammunition thread, say, (and I've read every post there), it gives me the orange square to allow me to go to the last unread post even though I've read them all. Don't think this used to happen. The only thread that does not at this moment have an orange square is this one, in which I am currently active. Threads with posts made today and yesterday which I have read come up after I hit 'View new posts' and htey have the orange square.


    I guess if these are new features rather than bugs then I have no problem, it's just getting used to it, that's all. When I used to see the lilttle blue square I knew there was an unread post in the thread. Now I don't.



    OK I take it all back. I just hit 'Mark all posts as read' and all the orange squares have disappeared from everywhere. Maybe it just needed to be reset.

  9. Don't be too hard on the BSA Martini International.


    It was a superb target rifle in its time in all its incarnations (Mk II - Mk V. We'll not bother with the Mk I, a prototype, really), and probably still is in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. For fast shooting there's nothing to beat an International. Current examples which might well have shot-out barrels could probably just use new ones to prolong the rifle's active life. It's got a great action with a short lock-time and from MKIII on the trigger was sensational. The MKII's wasn't too shabby either.


    Many of today's retired and veteran shooters made their name with an International. Barry Dagger and Cyril De Jonckheere spring to mind. Must be others. Anyone stepping up here? (Apologies to our younger listeners.)


    One big problem for modern techniques is that the butt is far too long. It was designed in the days or the really angled fullbore-type position and anyone who used one had to form their position round the rifle - often grotesquely - rather than the other way round as is customary with modern rifles with their infinite adjustments to everything. Except, that is, if one was prepared to take a saw to the butt. I've not seen many of those, and it may be that they've gone the way of all things but on the other hand perhaps people just didn't want to desecrate a beautiful object.


    If you ever get an International, ensure the barrel is good (if not, replace it) shorten the butt, and bingo you've got a rifle as good as anything on the market today. Forget the ejection mechanism that causes so much hilarity to today's ingenues. It used to be almost universal, and it's not the shooter's problem!


    I'm sure there are watchers on here who could wax lyrical about their old BSA. I learned to shoot on a BSA 12/15 and the frst rifle I owned was an International Mk II (we're talking mid 1960s here, ok?) and I got it because all the best shots in the club had one. It cost £28 second hand. Only one member had an Anschutz and he couldn't hit a barn door with it. OK, I made that up but he wasn't the best shooter in the club by any means. Probably more to do with him than the rifle, but what's an impressionable youngster to do, eh?


    I really am sorry to be seeing these old and venerable rifles going for scrap more often than not, and I implore anyone who is in the positon of having to get rid of one to do their best to find a good home for it. I suppose they're like a vintage car that's beyond economic repair going to the crusher. Sad, but not necessarily inevitable. They might have had their time but in the right hands they could live again. There ARE people who will take them, and spares ARE available. These are an option for the club shooter who wants something different. The biggest problem for today's euro-rifle shooters is that the sights wind the opposite way. ;)

  10. The club has an Anschutz 18/19 series canting foresight whose clamping screw has gone walkabout. If anyone happens to have a spare, say from a failed foresight unit, please let me know and we can negotiate a price.


    Please PM, email or post.

  11. I have an Anschutz adaptor plate for sale. This will enable you to fit a 14 or 18 or 19 series action into a 20 series stock. i.e. the round ones into the square one. It's Anschutz Article No 4980.


    I only used a for few months while I was waiting for my new 20 series barrel & action to arrive (I got the stock first), so it's in very good condition. Comes with two bolts to fit it onto your existing action, but you will need the four bedding bolts to attach it to the stock. It will raise the sight-line by approx 4mm.


    Costs over £60 new, so I'm looking for £45.


    Please PM, email or reply here if you're interested.