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  1. For sale on behalf of someone else - one Anschutz 4765 buttplate (the current version).


    It has the rounded-shape carrier plate suitable for attaching to 14, 18, 19 and 20-series wooden butts - it might not fit any or all aluminium stocks. You can buy a carrier for alu stocks for about £50. Screws and allen keys not included.


    See pic. It has a couple of scuffs but hasn't been used very much at all. The reason for selling is that this doesn't fit the user's new Anschutz Precise stock directly and is now using a MEC.


    Cost new is anything from £215 to £255 depending on where you go. Asking £175 plus P&P (probably between £5 & £10) but could be handed over for free at the Scottish meeting at Castletown in the first week of July.


    Paypal, bank transfer or cheque (to clear before delivery) all acceptable. Any queries, just post or PM.

    post-47-077060500 1307975139_thumb.jpg

  2. OK, OK. Always someone.


    It's not hard - just divide by 2.45 2.54:


    Waist: 96cm translates to 37.8 inches

    Hip: 105cm translates to 41.34 inches

    Inseam: 78cm translates to 30.71 inches.


    (Now using the correct conversion factor!)


    And before anyone else asks, here's a photo. Go to the EK site for a better one.

    post-47-098145400 1276624189_thumb.jpg

  3. I have for sale a pair of Monard Starter shooting trousers. Size 25, which translates, according to the Monard website, into Waist 96, Hip 105, Inseam 78. It's their smallest off the peg 'sturdy men' size. Colour black.


    The waist closure has been lengthened by a couple of cm or so to cater for a slightly increased girth. No belt or suspenders included. Velcro fly. Zippers down the back of both legs. Padded knees and seat.


    These are a few years old, but have probably only been used in anger not more than 20 times, and not at all in the last 3 years so are in pretty good condition with no wear evident anywhere.


    Looking for £60 (well less than half-price - currently £137 at a well-known supplier) but might look favourably at impecunious students if any want to make me an offer (but make it sensible, I'm not giving these away).


    PM or email me. Buyer to pay transport costs if a handover is not practical (located in Edinburgh).

  4. I have for sale a kneeling roll that hasn't been used for years and is just taking up space in the cupboard.


    It's an Anschutz model with a sort of pebbley non-slip rubbery cover. Blue with red ends. Currently filled fairly full with the original cork fragments & wood shavings, but that can be replaced with whatever you want if you don't like it. It's approx 150mm/6" in diameter uncompressed, and 220mm/9"long. There's a zip across one end to allow access to the filling.


    £10 (+ £2 p&p if not personally collected).

  5. For sale one FWB 600 air rifle (pneumatic). Right-handed. Early 1990s vintage, but is in good condition as it has hardly been used for some years. Comes with a new set of seals for you to install if you want. Standard sights, with a High End foresight element, size 4.3/1.1. No box or case. Suit beginner or a club.




    Please PM or email me if interested.




  6. For Sale: Knobloch Model K1 rifle frames. With 23mm bent lens holder, and both the original and a home-made eye-blinder. In original case including the custom driver thingy for the screws. In great condition - very little used.


    £110 plus £3 for p&p if a handover can't be arranged. Current new price is £149 at EK. Paypal accepted.


    Please PM or email me if interested.



  7. I have for sale an Epson Stylus C66 inkjet printer. Only 3 years old and not used too much. In full working order. We've replaced it with a wireless network printer so it's now surplus.


    For a picture and full spec go to the Epson website.


    Includes two spares each of black, magenta and yellow cartridges, and three cyans. These must be worth something on their own. Driver CD, setup instructions and power cable but no USB cable (it didn't come with one originally). Works with Windows XP, don't know about Vista, but I'm sure a driver download is available if requuired.


    Could post (in original packaging) for about a tenner or so, but a handover might be preferable to avoid the possibility of transit damage. Happy to meet in central Scotland or do a third-party swap, and I'll be at Carlisle's range on 8th Feb.


    Offers around £20.


    I also have surplus a Canon BJC-2100 printer free to a good home. It's been boxed up for a good while. It worked the last time I tried it about 18 months ago, but it hasn't been fired up recently. It might need new ink as the current one might have dried out (only black installed now but it does do colour). No cable (it works with USB or parallel) and no guarantees. Do your own research!

  8. When you say CO2 is not difficult to obtain, what exactly is the procedure? Does one have one's own cylinder and take/send it somewhere to get filled up, or just throw it away and buy a new one (similar to sparklet canisters) when it runs out?


    If they get recharged, what sort of place would do that?


    Or is there some kind of exchange system like for big propane or butane cylinders where you buy your first one then swap it for a full one, only paying for the gas inside?

  9. I have a Ross 20x spotting scope for disposal. It dates from 1971 (yes seventy-one!), but I only used it for two or three years, and it's been lurking in the back of the cupboard ever since. It is in pretty good condition with both lens-caps present and working.


    It's prismatic, but not angled (i.e. straight but offset), so would make an ideal indoor scope, but the famous Ross optics won't give any problems outdoors if you don't mind a straight scope. I only stopped using it because I wanted to convert to an angled configuration. Focus is by twisting the eyepiece.


    No fancy sheepskin cover and no stand - just a scope.


    I'm looking fo £50 for this - it's a quality piece of kit and works as well today as the day it was bought.


    Contact Bill Hamilton - bill3.hamilton@lineone.net or phone me on 0131 453 4083 any time.


    This is still available if anyone new to the forum since 2003 is interested.

  10. Back in the day, when I was in the National Squad as it was termed 20+ years ago, one of the senior coaches there told me/us that the best thing you could do with a palm-rest was to give it to the opposition.


    Not recommended then. Do any top-level shooters use them nowadays?