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  1. I used to look at the forum every day but recently (last year or so) it's only been occasionally when I remember about it (hence coming late to this thread). This is because, as Neil alluded tod, it seems to have become more of a buying and selling platform rather than a discussion forum and there don't seem to have been very many meaty topics for people to vent.. er, talk about recently. Even the dropping of the Engilsh Match from the Olympics doesn't seem to have got much attention. Two or three years ago there might have been a couple of pages-worth of posts on that. Maybe all the interesting things have already been talked out.


    BUT, having said that, there is definitely a place for this forum as it is. By all means integrate it further into the twitface world (won't make any difference to me), but as long as the opportunity remains for knowlegeable people to expound and share their views and expertise with others and provide the opportunity for others to ask questions, then it should keep going much as it is. As someone said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Meaty topics will occur, just can't predict when.


    I agree with the poster who said it's a useful archive. I've looked up old posts more than once for info I'd forgotten but knew it was here somewhere.


    Put the 'donate' button back by all means.

  2. I have the following old UIT Journals that I don't need to keep any more. If anyone wants them all, some of them or just one or two, let me know.


    1985 (issues 1-5 only, loose)

    1986-87 (all 12 issues, in a maroon UIT-branded binder)

    1988-89 (ditto)

    1990-91 (ditto)

    1992-93 (ditto)

    1994 (issues 1-5 only, loose)


    Delivery of the binders through the post will be expensive as they are quite heavy. I don't get out to meetings much these days so a third-party handover might need to be arranged if anyone wants one or more binders.


    Don't all shout at once. They will be off to the recycling in a week or so if nobody puts their hand up.


    Note for younger viewers - UIT was the ISSF from when it started up in 1907 (if Wikipedia can be believed) until it reinvented itself in 1998 (ditto). UIT stood for Union Internationale de Tir otherwise known in English as the International Shooting Union.

  3. One pair of boot flatteners. Aluminium. See pic. Not much else to say about them really - fits all sizes. The hooky bit at the end is adjustable up and down. Not sure of the maker - the only name on them is 'Protex' and that's only on the clips.




    I shall be at the smallbore Bisley meeting from the Wednesday onwards but could give them to a friend to take for the weekend if that suits better. Otherwise postage will be added at cost - £2.20 for second class post (UK only: other postage quotes on request).


    Paypal is ok, otherwise cash on handover or a cheque (after clearance).


    PM, email or reply here if you have anything to say or ask. Don't all rush at once.




  4. I have an elderly (in chronological terms) pair of leather Sauer shooting boots for sale. UK size 11.


    You'll see from the picture that they are not exactly last year's model and in fact I think I must have bought them in the 1970s when they were probably state of the art at the time as I remember they weren't cheap. However, they have had pretty light use over the years and the uppers are still fairly stiff. I never had one of those sole-flattener gadgets so there is a little toe-curl, but I always tried to be careful not to walk with my toes so it's not too bad in that respect (the picture makes it look worse than it is). Most of the rime they have been in the cupboard as I flirted on and off over the years with air rifle and originally with 3P shooting too.


    These passed an ISSF equipment control last year but I cannot guarantee their full compliance.


    These would make a good pair of starter boots for someone, or for a club for their beginners.


    Looking for £20 (c'mon - they have to be worth something!)


    Could post (at purchaser's cost), or hand over in central Scotland.


    Please also see my ads for a FWB 603 air rifle and a pair of Monard starter trousers.


  5. I have a FWB603 for sale. I bought it from the original owner (an international shooter) about 10 years ago but haven't really used it much - maybe averaged about 500 pellets/year over that time, with some years not shooting anything at all.


    It's in pretty good nick. The only things non-standard are a pillar foresight and a corresponding rear sight raiser. The original foresight is not available. See pics.


    Simple case included, but no tools, and I am throwing in 5 tins of RWS R10 pellets (0.49, not matched) - worth almost £40 (NB not sold separately!)


    Looking for £375, which is less than I paid for it and after inflation I think that's good value, especially with the pellets included. If you don't agree then make me a sensible offer.


    These items are now surplus to requirements as I have finally realised that I'll never be any good whatsoever at this game and everything is going to have to go to avoid tempting me back to waste more time on it. These trousers are also still for sale (I outgrew them some time ago), and I have also just posted an ad for a pair of shooting boots.


    Any Qs, just ask, here or PM or email.


    Currently in Edinburgh but could probably meet in central-ish Scotland for a handover. Currently not planning any travels down south in the near or medium future but I guess direct postage or an RFD transfer could be arranged (at buyer's cost).






  6. As for a Firefox dictionary, it appears it's a CKEditor issue.

    CKEditor is what comes up whenever you reply and is not specific to the forum but used by many websites/Content Management Solutions these days.


    Simply right-click, Languages and choose your language... job done!

    I was starting to compose a question about what exactly I should right-click on (tried everywhere but nothing came up with a Languages option), when I suddenly noticed it was working and highlighting spelling errors as usual. Didn't have to do a thing.


    That's what I call service.

  7. Sorry Bill, it's not going back I'm afraid :P

    Neil, I wasn't trying to suggest for a minute that the whole thing should go back to the previous version, only that I wanted that facility back. You have explained how to do it, and that's wonderful. Thanks.

  8. Sorry to spoil the love-in, but I have an issue:


    I log in, I hit View New Content, get the list of topics I haven't viewed depending on the option I select, I click on one and it only shows me the first post in that thread. The old system took me to the first post within the thread I have not viewed, which is what I really want to see. Post #1 might be months or years old - I don't want to see that again, thanks. I now have to navigate manually to my first unread post, perhaps to a different page, scrolling up and down to find the last one I did read, or look for the first 'Today' or 'Yesterday' post or whenever depending on when I was last in, and carry on from there. If it's a hot topic there might even be two or three pages to sift through before finding my place. Back to the way it was, please!


    If there is indeed an option to enable me to go directly to my first unread post as opposed to just opening the thread at Post #1 I'd be grateful if someone could point it out to me. Cookies?


    Also, the English Dictionary add-on in my Firefox browser doesn't work here any more - is that Firefox (v10.0.2) or the Forum?

  9. For sale one Anschutz Sight Track including sights. £360 plus postage (shouldn't be more than a tenner I would think, including insurance).


    This is AHG Article 9797-U2. That means it consists of the Track-Base that clamps over your loading port combined with the canting rearsight as in Article 7002/20 (i.e. with 20-click adjustments) with a standard Anschutz peep-sight (1.1mm maybe?). Will fit all 11mm sight rails.


    Long sight tunnel prevents reflections and distractions.

    Bridging the loading platform stabilises the receiver thus reducing the vibrations of the shot.


    This unit sells for over £420 at a well-known internet shooting supplies retailer, so this is a big saving. It has hardly been used at all and is almost indistinguishable from new. Ideal Christmas present for the shooter in your life (including yourself!).


    It comes in a strong plastic foam-filled DoskoSport box approx 12"x9" plus two allen keys and all instructions (for the Track Base and for the sights, but not for the box - you'll have to figure that one out for yourself).


    Please post here or email/PM me if interested or have any questions. Will accept PayPal or cheque (or cash if a personal handover can be arranged).



  10. Dave,


    Ask Eley. A lot of years ago Callum Ferguson at Precision Rifles took a 14-series action & trigger off an old but little-used barrel I had and replaced it with a brand-new 18-series action, bolt and trigger. I asked him where he got it from and he said Eley.


    My surmise was that they acquire complete Anschutz barrel and actions for their internal batch testing, then remove the actions and add their own automatic loading and firing systems. For the amount of testing they must do I'm sure they don't pay a guy to sit and load and fire all their test groups manually all day specially as they test out of several barrels.


    I may be completely wrong about that supposition, but this action was definitely sourced from Eley. He had more than one lying around. (Note that Calllum doesn't do this sort of work any more so approaching him won't get anywhere.)