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  1. Hi Simon


    Currently having serious problems with EE, so have no access to phone - was hoping to check with Louise that she's happy with her purchase. Any feedback, good or bad would be welcomed.


    Many thanks and with best regards






    She's like a kid with a new toy - very excited and already has set a PB with it!



  2. Sorry this is sold and ask if this post can be deleted as I can't seem to find the delete button.

    Deletion can only be done by a moderator, but you can edit the thread title to something like Anschutz sight - SOLD!


    To do this go to your original post and click on edit at the bottom right of the post. When the editor opens click on use Full Editor. Once that opens you can edit the thread tile to reflect that the item has been sold.

  3. I have an 18mm tunnel and insert and a 22mm foresight as a duo for sale details on the forum and also an unlisted 22mm with and adjustable insert - all with Anschutz rail - I am afraid I don't know the dovetail dimension but if you check I can see if it fits..?



    Robert thanks, foresights are not a problem now we found one loafing in the club bits and pieces box - its a rearsight we are really after now...

  4. On behalf of club member - Required:


    Foresight tunnel, either 18mm or 22mm, to fit old style Anschutz foresight mounting block.




    Rearsight... to fit Anschutz dovetail - any make considered.


    Please pm me via the forum.





  5. ******SORTED!********


    Does anyone have a right handed Match 64 stock lying around? The rifle we have has a left handed stock on it but is a right handed action and we would like to use it for right handers....






    Thanks for looking - have been offered a stock!

  6. Does anyone know of a source of Linatex sheeting other than the NSRA? (seems to be very expensive?).


    The stuff the NSRA sells is only 1.2 m wide which means we have to have several lengths vertically with overlapping joins. We would like to have a single strip so it would have to be at least 1.4 metres wide.





  7. I have a large jacket that sort of size but it is very new and hardly worn so the price I am looking for maybe prohibitive


    It was KT made 2 measure but my body morphed in between times


    Cost over £400 so looking for a reasonable return


    Open to sensible offers




    Thanks for the heads up but I was hoping for something dirt cheap... ;)



  8. i wounder what the bank manager would say if you approached them for a loan on a rifle>>?


    When I bought my first "proper" rifle I asked for a bank loan. The cashier wasn't sure but said they would ask the bank manager. He chatted to me about the sport and was astonished in that I was needing about £600 for a rifle (I was also wanting a jacket and scope too...). He authorised the loan and insisted that he have a look at the rifle once I had bought it. Once I got it from Tom Colvin I had the fun of taking it into the bank and asking for the Manager... :D He became a member of the club and shot for a number of years.

  9. Could we add to the rules that the seller must edit the first post to say that items have been sold. I don't think the OP can edit the topic title to say sold which would be the best option... or a job for a moderator?

  10. Hi Simon,


    Sorry, up to my eyes at the moment with late nights and an office move. Will look when I can.





    I know you are busy at the moment..... laugh.gif


    The reason I can't upload may be this message when i try to upload "Used 2.05MB of your 2MB global upload quota (Max. single file size: 32MB)"




    Ps - Good Luck to you and the rest of the team