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    Upload Failed

    I am unable to upload a zip file to the forum. I have tried using both the flash uploader and the simple one. I get the helpful error message of "upload failed". I also tried the unzipped Excel file but with similar results.... Simon
  2. The club is selling an Anschutz rifle - THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD - Thanks Serial number is 13xxxx and the proofmarks date from 1974. It is in very good condition for its age in my opinion. The club would like offers of £350 or more please. PM me with your details etc and I will pass them on to the Committee.
  3. sjb1604

    Anschutz 13Xxxx For Sale ******sold*****

    Yes it still is Simon
  4. sjb1604

    Bsa Martini

    A Mark 2 right hand for sale here on the forum.
  5. sjb1604

    Bsa Mark 2 For Sale

    The Club is selling a BSA MkII rifle. It is is very good condition and has been well cared for. It has been fitted with an old style anschutz butthook. It has 2 sets of rear sights but there is no peephole or iris fitted. We have no idea what this is worth or if anyone would like it. Sensible offers only please. We have seen a few of these converted for benchrest or even as a rabbit rifle! Please PM me with your details and I will pass them on to the committee.
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    Pm Button

    Its the small envelope icon below the person you want to PM avatar/name/ranking ....
  7. sjb1604

    Wanted Trigger Guard Anschutz

    What I have left may not be blonde (verging on grey) but I can't see it either. It seems to have done a runner throughout the forum. Its the little envelope icon below the members name/avatar....
  8. sjb1604

    New Site Logo

    Nice job Emma! I like it.
  9. sjb1604

    Facebook Login

    Neil, Worked a treat....great and efficient service even from Croatia! Simon
  10. sjb1604

    Facebook Login

    Neil, I don't know if this is a problem with Facebook but I have tried over a couple of days with the same message! Simon
  11. sjb1604

    Air Cylinder - For Sale

    Griff, The Facebook links are the private ones and you need an account to load them. If you sign into Facebook and open the album there is a line at the bottom of the page to enable you to share the link with anyone in or out of Facebook without an account. See the screenshot below for one of my albums Simon
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    Site Speed

    Does seem to be faster to display pages using FF and also with IE6 on a slow broadband and slow PC. Good result Neil!
  13. sjb1604

    Anschutz Rearsight *****sold*****

    For sale on behalf of a member who is unfortunately giving up to ill health SOLD! Anchutz 20 click rearsight with iris. Please PM with your email address and I'll supply you his email address. Offers - £100-120 ish ish Simon
  14. Advertising on behalf of a member who unfortunately is having to give up for continued ill health. ITEM NOW SOLD Anschutz 17 series (serial no 16****X) - very good condition (stock has the usual superficial wear and tear to the varnish). Includes standard sights (fitted with fixed peephole). Wooden case in the photos is also included. If interested please PM me with your email address and I'll reply with his email address and the full size pictures. Price - approx £350 -£400 ish ish! (Location is East Scotland - Arbroath) Simon
  15. sjb1604

    Walther Cpm1 Pistol **sold**

    We have one of these as a club pistol and we have found it great to use. We get about 180-200 shots per refill of the CO2 pistol cylinder. Even when the pistol cylinder is almost empty it shoots true but the symptom is usually that the pellets have trouble punching neat holes in the paper! We recharge from (as suggested above) a CO2 cylinder provided by one of the club members who owns a pub. The large cylinder lasts us about 1-2 seasons. To ensure the correct weight of charge of liquid CO2 into the pistol cylinder one of our members made a simple balance which allows the correct weight to be checked very easily! The secret of a good charge is that the pistol cylinder must be very cold or you only get gas transferred. The easiest way is to fill the cylinder and vent quickly and repeat until the cylinder is frosted before check weighing.
  16. On behalf of a club member who has given up FOR SALE BSA International MK 1 - make me an offer! If not sold it will be handed in for destruction. It is in very good nick for its age (for those not familiar see here). This is the one with the non floating barrel.
  17. sjb1604

    Pistol Safe

  18. sjb1604

    Pistol Safe

    For Sale by a member at our club. Location Arbroath - please PM me if you are interested and I'll pass you the contact details Pistol / Ammo Safe For Sale This handgun safe, made by BOXX security, has a high level of security. It is designed to be fixed to a solid wall and floor. There are four bolt holes in its base and four in the back. This allows it to pass police home checks for security of Handguns. The safe has another compartment inside which has the same security as the main door lock, for storing ammunition. Dimensions are 2' Tall, 14" Wide and 10" Deep. It has all original keys which consist of 2 for the main door and 2 for the inner compartment, all locks and keys work perfectly. Very good condition. £30.
  19. sjb1604

    Pistol Safe

    Replied with the sellers details S
  20. sjb1604

    Left Hand Rifle Wanted

    A club member who we have persuaded to take up smallbore is about to be granted his FAC. He is a left hander and currently he is using the club's right hand action in a left hand stock with an extended bolt underlever. He wishes to purchase a proper left hand action and is not too bothered about the manufacturer. So anyone has, or knows of, a good condition left handed Anschutz or Walther or Feinwerkbau that is needing a new home please can you drop me a line. Thanks Simon
  21. sjb1604

    Promoting The Forum

    The Forfar website has a link to the forum on the front page... For promoting the forum it would nice to have a logo - any thoughts.... anything but the pic of Neil in the Malls!
  22. sjb1604

    Left Hand Rifle Wanted

    Sorted.... Thanks Bob
  23. sjb1604

    Left Hand Rifle Wanted

    Bob, Found the original post with the pics so I'll show the guy it. (PS do i get comission if he buys it....? ) Thanks Simon
  24. sjb1604

    Spreadsheet Help

    Bob, try this - it gives the best 10 from 12 and even shows the class! Simon Best10from12.xls
  25. sjb1604

    Remember Me

    Me too - using Firefox - it looks like the cookie expires after 7 days Neil should be able to answer this!