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  1. I had a batch labelled UH4357 back in 2004, so was this batch (UJ) manufactured in 2005/6? i.e. nine or ten years old?
  2. Did any one else notice that the forum was hacked last night? Or was it just me ??? I assume that you fixed it OK Neil. Was it anything harmful?
  3. rbrown

    New Skins

    I like the blue!
  4. Sorry, but I'm not retiring just yet However, if Jane keeps beating me, I might just reconsider!
  5. Hi Nick, I see you've got the perfect Member No.: 600
  6. So are there more than two words that are filtered?
  7. Can this be copied to the "Light Hearted" section? I haven't had as good a laugh for ages!
  8. What about Derwentwater, or Norfu%k Rifle club ! or Cumberland Rifle club or Colchester or Titchfield ???
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