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  1. rbrown

    Eley Tenex Ultimate Eps 2050 Rounds For Sale

    I had a batch labelled UH4357 back in 2004, so was this batch (UJ) manufactured in 2005/6? i.e. nine or ten years old?
  2. rbrown

    ** Brand New Htc Touch Diamond Phone **

    I'll start the bidding at £1
  3. rbrown

    Forum Hacked ???

    Did any one else notice that the forum was hacked last night? Or was it just me ??? I assume that you fixed it OK Neil. Was it anything harmful?
  4. rbrown

    New Skins

    I like the blue!
  5. rbrown

    .22 Lh Target Rifle

    Sorry, but I'm not retiring just yet However, if Jane keeps beating me, I might just reconsider!
  6. rbrown

    Anschutz 2013 L/h Stock.

    Hi Nick, I see you've got the perfect Member No.: 600
  7. rbrown

    Mind Your Language

    So are there more than two words that are filtered?
  8. rbrown

    Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    Can this be copied to the "Light Hearted" section? I haven't had as good a laugh for ages!
  9. rbrown

    Mind Your Language

    What about Derwentwater, or Norfu%k Rifle club ! or Cumberland Rifle club or Colchester or Titchfield ???