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  1. dave_samK11

    Left Handed Ge600 Stock

    There was a member on here who I am 99% sure was a lefty and had one the name Nick rings a bell tho not for the 1st time I may be wrong
  2. dave_samK11

    Fullbore Target Rifle - Wanted

    Probably a bit naughty but I am selling this one on behalf off a customer http://www.gunstar.co.uk/Rifle/Accuracy-International-gun-for-sale-gs21099.aspx pm if you want more info David
  3. dave_samK11

    Feinwerkbau 2700

    Got a nice shiny new one looking for a home
  4. dave_samK11

    Urgently Wanted

    Mike If you have no joy I have a non anschutz replacement part I made. Dave ps congrats mate
  5. dave_samK11

    Freelands Stand And Scope

    Hi I brought this persons rifle and can say that the scope and stand are in excellent condition, if your in the market for a new stand and scope treat yourself. David
  6. dave_samK11

    Elements Wanted

    Neil Sent you a PM Regards David
  7. dave_samK11

    Wanted: Steyr Lp5

    I'll second David's opinion, got one myself a few months back, only one problem though...... Keeping everyone else at the from having a go!! Hope you find one Regards Dsvid
  8. Hi Thanks for looking in,

    I run a target shooting equipment shop in sussex, so why not have a look at the website at www.10techshooting.co.uk

    Have a good day and hey keep hitting those 10's

  9. dave_samK11


    Got an Anschutz stock to suit a Bleiker, sent you a PM Cheers David
  10. dave_samK11

    Anschutz Sights

    Hi sent you a PM Regards David
  11. dave_samK11

    Fwb 2700 Pistol Grip Small

    I have a small pistol grip for a FWB2700 rifle for sale @35.00 + p&p, good opportunity if you need a smaller grip Cheers David
  12. dave_samK11

    Neeson Foresight

    Foresight Now Sold
  13. dave_samK11

    Neeson Foresight

    Hi I am selling a neeson 22mm foresight tunnel c/w spirit level to fit Fienwerkbau £40.00 David
  14. dave_samK11

    Rifles And Bits For Sale

    All sold now thanks David