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  1. jimrward

    Ammunition Test Rig

    Looking for information or indeed anyone selling or knows who can supply a heavy duty testing rig for ammunition testing whilst I may selfishly use it myself no doubt others will want to use it so must have the capacity and capabilities to accommodate various barrel types with ease of changeability and also maybe access to bedding bolts to fine tune in situ. Possibly I am asking the impossible
  2. jimrward

    Target Shooting Jacket

    Hi can you PM with your email address and I will send you some proper pics
  3. For sale brand new gehmann leather sling this sling is fairly robust so probably ideal for adults comes with Anschutz ball type attachment £40 inclusive of first class postage PM me for pics until I get to grips with pics on here grrrr
  4. jimrward

    Target Shooting Jacket

    The jacket I have on offer is a Euro size 54 just to clarify things
  5. jimrward

    Target Shooting Jacket

    Revision to the above jacket is a 44 that I have which may be suitable once you add shooting jumper etc £110 inc first class postage maybe open to offer will check with seller original cost was £180 early last year and never been worn apart from trying out
  6. jimrward

    Target Shooting Jacket

    Hi Neil what is your budget and where are you based, I might be able to assist you as a club member has an as new jacket anschutz type going at a considerable saving on new
  7. jimrward

    Army Ammo syle boxes x2

    Yes please I will take one
  8. jimrward

    Scope stands & SCATT for sale

    What is wrong with the scatt
  9. jimrward

    Pistol and rifle for sale

    For some reason the forum keeps an accumulative tally of previous image sizes and when you reach that limit it will also stop you adding pics
  10. jimrward

    Extension tube

    I have one for the original 2013 but the bolt threads might need some work done on them and the bonus is I live in fife so you welcome to try it
  11. jimrward

    Loot pictures

    Deleted some pics and now up to 0.4mb so appears to a quota per username
  12. jimrward

    Loot pictures

    Recently posted 3 items for sale as separate posts without pics initially on item 1 went to post pic and was told 0.29mb max, uploaded dithered pic, now my upload quota for pic 2 is 0.15mb forum appears to have a quota per user rather than quota per post
  13. jimrward

    Loot pictures

    Downloaded app for iPad it appears I am on a decreasing quota for pics as max is now 0.15mb which is 150kbi have loaded larger in the past cos they appear when I click insert other media maybe if these could be deleted might free up more space will try finding posts with sold items and edit to remove pics
  14. Handstop in excellent condition moving to a Gemini handstop so surplus pics to follow on Friday night £45 inc postage
  15. I can't do pics till Sunday when I am at the range next, but using Google and your supplied part number you might be on to a winner I will give you first refusal subject to pics
  16. jimrward

    Gemini butt assembly offset plates

    Only the offset plates for sale not the butt hook assembly pics to follow i have two of these plates will sell for £20 each inc postage or £35 for the pair also inc postage
  17. For sale the above which are Anschutz fit, these blocks as a pair have 5 possible offset settings Complete with Allen keys bought from squishy last week but they are NOT a perfect fit on my bleiker tracking £45 inc postage
  18. jimrward

    Kit Clear Out

    Hi interested in Gemini handstop and Gehmann 566 iris, PM sent can you supply more info on the torque screwdriver please
  19. jimrward

    XS or S shooting top required

    Looking for mouche or any brand shooting top under jacket garment suitable for juniors
  20. Mouche black and yellow part knitted part woven shooting top size large £35 ono inc postage Pics removed
  21. For sale on behalf of a club member, old style heavy butt assembly complete with carrier and possibly modified to take later armadillo hook also included some mounting screws note the assembly rod guides etc are all in the same line and not offset like older models will also be posting it on fleabay, if you think the price is too high make me a sensible offer £150 Ono ss
  22. jimrward

    Generous Sized Kurt Thune Jacket For Sale

    Still for sale recently moved house and going thru boxes, need to move this jacket Ignore the bit above about being near bisley between Edinburgh and St. Andrews now
  23. Custom made KT jacket for sale for the gentlemen with generous proportions there is no size but I would say very large, would be best tried on to verify I got this made many years ago, and wore it a couple of times and outgrew it, so it has been stored in a suitcase in my wardrobe, now I have gone to the other extreme and lost 6.5 stones so again no use to me This cost over £400 new and will accept sensible offers £300 ono, after of course you have tried the jacket for size, I am 30 mins from bisley so if you are visiting there we can make arrangements for trying it out
  24. Jacket still for sale, moved up to Scotland and unpacking stuff that I need to move on behalf of a retired shooter
  25. Left hand jacket for sale as new only used about 10 times ill health stopped shooting This is a leather and canvas jacket costing over £210 new in excellent condition Size inside is 54 which I believe equates to 44 uk size £170 ono including postage