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  2. nick has passed p-company with the parachute regiment and is on top of the world

  3. nm2602

    Fwb 2602 For Sale

    still for sale!!!!!
  4. nm2602

    Fwb 2602 For Sale

    Hi, been asked to post up said rifle for sale, standard 2602 as supplied. Please PM for details, had very little use includes hard case. regards nick
  5. nm2602

    Fwb 2602

    and there's no more left coz I spent too much on other toys
  6. nm2602

    Fwb 2602

    52.22p (coz thats wots in the pig)
  7. nm2602

    Parts For Walther Bolt

    Dear Emmas Freind! we know who you are!!!!!!!!!! I'll use loser! A verp apt anagram for the one concerned!!!! tee hee
  8. nm2602

    Parts For Walther Bolt

    Well Kafee what can we say: I hope you too gained some insite as well. Wind can of course be a problem: and there are several ways in which to overcome this, when ejecting and inserting a new one, the breach should not be left open an excessive time as this can lead to rapid cooling and in-consistancy. The last thing we want is rapid cooling of the bore now do we, best to keep things on the boil so to speack. Wind may also be found to be amuzing especially to those experiancing the problem. With regards to night shooting, this can be very enjoyable by all parties concerned, although wind can be an issue, a little wind can be very useful, out in the open air who cares, and when you are using 'proper' cannons much less of an issue. You can generally bang away all night to your hearts content, depends on your stamina and a willing partner or two (normally best done in three's), (for safty reasons.) And sometimes speed of loading/ejection is of the essence, depending on the circumstances, so taking time is not an option, 'aquire your 'target' and give it the good news, obviously assesing the situation for potential hazards etc. General pratice having given the good news is to sit back relax, have a smoke, inspect, and get ready to go again. Generally moving to another area for variety, and causing least disturbance to the other local inhabitants. Good communication between all concerned is key. Rushing or haste is certaintly different from a quick one, rushing at night can certainly lead to major disssatifaction, you will often not get a second oportunity to score. I doubt very much wether Emma's friend is ready to advance to such a level yet, having displayed such poor bolt control in the first place, I doubt he has the stamina, skill or control. till next time you all take care
  9. nm2602

    Parts For Walther Bolt

    As a continuation of the previous: We completely missed out timing: As we all know this is esential to aid good scoring: Release timing is esential, you never wnat to release to early as that may cause dissatisfaction amongst the parties concerned, and holding it to long is never good for ones health. Getting in to a good rhythm with a consistant release is alot better than an erratic method. If stuggling try not to do what seams acceptable at top level sports these days and 'pull out early' this not only knocks your confidence but may disturb the people round you. Focus on technique and you will perform well!!!
  10. nm2602

    Parts For Walther Bolt

    However you look at it, its all to do with technique: Much of this can be learnt with the right instruction, although there are some who are naturals. Not being that adventurous whilst on the range the three basics are: prone kneeling and standing, the later obviously requires better bolt contol and balance and techniquie than the other 2 and probably only advisable with one more experianced to give guidance on technique and control. Long range sighting of these activities can provide useful and informative material for future reference, but nothing beats getting down to it ones self. Remember cleanliness is second only to godliness. Know one likes a dirty bolt/equipment. It is also respectful to your equipment to carry the appropriate cleaning material. A good scrub before hand is often advised, a good aid to scoring. And followed up with a good wipe down afterwards, a smear of oil will protect and enhance your valuable equipment. Remeber to clear your empties from the area where you have just scored even if your performance was not up to expectations. Should your performance not be what you expected perhaps you should go back to basics and start again (always fun ) Thats if you are up to it of course. As the majority of shooters, I guess are not in there prime any more it is left to us youngsters to keep the side up. So to sumerise: Long range sighting: observing technique Close range practice: to enhance ones own technique (perfect bolt control etc) Cleanliness: To ensure consistant scoring ability. And then there are those without ambition who just like to 'bang' away regardless, often displaying poor control of there equipment, but it takes all sorts to make the world and as long as they are happy, who are we to judge. I digress a little: Em, I hope your friend can find some enlightenment from the above and will now be able to control himself and his equipment a little better in the future
  11. nm2602

    Parts For Walther Bolt

    Perhaps this has nothing to do with a ladder!!! Pure speculation but perhaps the 'bolt' was 'dropped' somewhere other than appropriate for that type of 'equipment'. Maybe a good clean around the head and further detailed inspection may resolve the issue without the need for penicillin or surgery.
  12. nm2602

    Parts For Walther Bolt

    A few beers are always an aid to scoring! However, why bother when you have the perfect ten waiting at home, when ever u want
  13. nm2602

    Parts For Walther Bolt

    To not be in control of one's bolt, wether that is going up or going down or in and out, is quiet serious. One must always try to achieve good bolt control! I think the ladder is a 'smoke screen' for some other infringement of bolt control! Perhaps Emma and her 'freind' should write to Dear Deidre at The Sun, for advice on better bolt control
  14. nm2602

    Rifles And Smoothbores For Sale

    one very very nice sako delux .308 sporting rifle (less than 100 rds), NOT screw cut, £750ukp one 577-450 cavalry carbine (on ticket) excellent original condition (missing ram rod) offers in excess of £600 one reproduction brown bess m/l smoothbore flint lock excellent condition little use £275 ono one reproduction springfield percussusion smoothbore muzzle loader excellent condition £275 ono if interested post reply and I will contact you nick