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  1. Hi, does anyone, particularly those who used to shoot rapid fire before the switch to .22 LR, have any .22 short kicking about? At present I would consider just about any amount subject to being able to get to collect. Just hoping that someone has a couple or 5 bricks sat at the back of an ammo cabinet. regards Simon
  2. Hi, check out Guntrader, there is FWB Mod2 complete with filling adapter.
  3. Hi, I am looking for any non FAC spare parts for .22rf Hammerli and Walther parts. The kind of stuff left over from upgrades or just ended up in the bottom of a shooting bag from way back when. Grips, barrel weights, magazines, springs etc. I am a 7(3) collector and generally pick these up missing bits, currently top of the list is a Hammerli missing it’s front weight and a target grip. Empty out your junk draw and let me know what you have and how much you would like for it.
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