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  1. BUMP with a price reduction: now asking £1650 ono
  2. BUMP with a price reduction. All guns £100 off: Steyr LP10£950 ono Steyr LP5 £1050 ono Armalon AL30 Carbine£1750 ono
  3. Aaaand, this is my tenth post! 😅 Glad to hear you've hopefully found a solution to the issue 👍
  4. I wonder, would it be feasible to lock the pm functionality for new accounts? That way, interest in "Wanted" ads would have to be out in the open - on the forum?
  5. I’m facilitating the sale of few more of Les Pearson’s firearms. Les has asked that I put interested parties through to him so he can answer any questions. He will also be able to organise pictures. Please pm me and I’ll pass on his mobile number. Steyr LP10 with unmodified RH medium grip - little used “as new” £1050 Steyr LP5 with unmodified RH medium grip - recently given a complete service by Garry Preston £1150 Armalon AL30 Carbine: Sniper cheek piece, target trigger, extended mag release and adjustable rear sight £1850
  6. It's a difficult line to walk. It's great that genuine people can just turn up and sell items (and then get involved with the forum, hopefully) but the flip side is, of course, that you have people who will abuse that system. Rather a catch-22...
  7. No I hadn't - but I've just sent a message regarding the issue 👍
  8. I’m facilitating the sale of Les Pearson’s Morini CM 84E Olympic Free Pistol in .22LR. Les shot for the NSRA Great Britain Shooting Team back in 2012. Les has asked that I pass interested parties onto him so he can answer any questions. Please pm me and I’ll pass on his mobile number. I have more images of the pistol available, again please pm with your email and I'll send them on. The pistol is described as being in perfect condition and will be supplied with a custom fitted flight case, tool kit, cleaning rods, a spare battery and additional compensator. The pistol has been modified by Ubi Iqbal with a graphite rod rear extension, which allows the pistol to balance far more naturally than when fitted with the original stabilisers. Les is asking £1750 or nearest offer for the pistol.
  9. A warning for everyone: it looks like the "gentleman" who did over katanga at the end of last year ( https://forum.stirton.com/index.php?/topic/9114-anschutz-2013-and-accessories/ ), is back at it again - this time with a name change to Target. Why his account hasn't yet been banned is anyone's guess. He pm'd me in response to my "Free Pistol" wanted thread from a few weeks back, once again requesting to communicate off-site. His message is copied below: "Yes, i have a Morini CM84E 22 LR in excellent condition, email me at adamnumark.an@gmail.com for more information. Regards Adam" I've not responded to that message either on, or off-site. Keep your eyes peeled as they say...
  10. Thank you for your reply, Tom. I've sent you a pm. Adam
  11. Thank you both very much for your advice. And thank you, Stuart, for your kind offer. I do already have authorisation to acquire a long barreled pistol, so it seems that now I have to play a waiting game. I believe I saw one (make unknown) come up on Guntrader in the last few months - although I didn't have the opportunity to buy at the time. Sod's law, eh? If anyone else has a tip as to where I might find one, or perhaps even have one of their own that's gathering dust - I'd love to hear about it.
  12. Hello all, I'm hoping to get involved in Free Pistol shooting once the lockdown eases. Does anyone have (or know of) a 50m Free Pistol for sale? I'm not necessarily after a particular model at present - I'll consider anything and everything. Many thanks.
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