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  1. Thanks to you all for looking but due to the Tier 3 classification where I live and the likelihood of my club range being closed for several weeks,at least,but more likely months until maybe Easter,my search for a 10 metre air pistol will have to resume then. Strange times so take care everyone and try to have a Happy Christmas.🙂
  2. Thank you,yes,as this is the subject of TJM2712's post above. I'll confess the shooting glasses mean little to me at my level,even my past level where I shot around 88-92 at best before falling ill. It's still early days in my hunt and there are some attractive candidates so it should not be long before I can hopefully make a choice. Thank you again for your interest.
  3. Hello,Asturias109, Thank you for your reply. It is a fine looking pistol. I will bear it in mind although,at present, I am willing myself to stick to a budget of £800. Take care.
  4. Hello, I am thinking of making an old man's return to 10 m air pistol shooting so, depending on the outcome of Covid restrictions, would be interested in a PCP match air pistol. I am right handed and a medium to large grip size (90mm across the knuckles - although oddly a friend's Rink XL grip on his Steyr seemed to fit well) My preference would be for a compact/short model due to finding normal length pistols maybe too muzzle heavy for me. Thank you.
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