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    Butt hook assembly for an 1813 stock.

    Alan, If you need the carrier, the bit that goes in-and-out, are the three rods aligned? During 1813 production, the middle threaded hole, was moved about 1cm to the right. The two types aren't interchangeable. Tim
  2. tim s

    BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Hi Pete, Email sent. Tim
  3. tim s

    BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Taunton are rationalising our cabinet and have two mk 2 BSA Martini Internationals in need of new homes. Rifle 1 is a standard heavy barrel. Rifle 2 is the rarer 26in lightweight (11lb vs 14lb). A thumbhole has been neatly cut into the butt, and the wood refinished. Both are complete with the correct PH25b rearsight, PH1 foresight, and handstop/swivel. Both are in good condition, but at 60-ish bear small marks and the odd speck of rust. We're asking £100 each. Pm with any questions. Photos on request.
  4. tim s

    BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Hi Stuart, Email sent. Tim
  5. tim s

    BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Hi Stuart, Will do. Tim
  6. tim s

    Match 54 For Sale

    It's a 1407, so typically 10-11lb.
  7. tim s

    7.62 Swing

    Phil, The ad states the barrel is a Border. A "Palma" twist sounds like a 13T, although I know some who run a 12T for long range. I think from Robin''s previous comments the stock is a KK-UIT. Walther did make the KK Prone 400, a specialist prone stock very similar to the Anschutz 1811, but these make hens' teeth look common.
  8. tim s

    Head space

    Barry Nesom makes gauges.
  9. tim s

    4mm Raiser Block

    Dave, Do you want to borrow mine again? I can give it Beth on Sunday. T
  10. Colin, The topic title mentions that it's a Border.
  11. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    Bump. Still available, and bargainous compared to new prices.
  12. tim s

    Ese Synthetic Sling Colour Blue

    I'll take it for my club, posted please.
  13. tim s

    Anschutz Match 54 Target Rifle For Sale - £350

    The stock appears to be ca 1971-72 vintage (stippled grip, fixed cheekpiece). The bolt is about the same ('66 to '76).
  14. tim s

    Tec-Hro Grub Screw

    Does anyone have a grubscrew for a Tec-Hro 2.0 riser? Or does anyone know the size?
  15. tim s

    Tec-Hro Grub Screw

    For reference, the screws for the barrel 'scope blocks and foresight mount are also M3, and the grub screws that blank of the holes on 1980s barrels fit the raiser dovetail.
  16. tim s

    Tec-Hro Grub Screw

  17. tim s

    Tec-Hro Grub Screw

    Huey, The grubscrews lock the dovetail onto the studs.
  18. tim s

    Anschutz Match 54 Stock Needed

    Kantes, That's an 1813, from the early 1980s.
  19. tim s

    Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    What, like tutting and coughing?
  20. tim s

    Anschutz Supematch Sold

    Hi, Sorry, yes it sold. Tim
  21. tim s

    Anschutz Supematch Sold

    This is on behalf of one of my club members, who is retiring from Prone shooting. Anschutz 1613 (1979 manufacture) / 1813 stock. The barrel was rechambered by Robert Nibbs in 2012 (re-proofed at Birmingham) and has had very light use since. Sights are the standard Anschutz 6702 (steel) rear, and froresight tunnel. The rearsight has a Gehmann dioptre/iris. £350 The rifle is located on the Devon/Somerset border. No photos at present, but I'll speak to the seller about getting some.
  22. Hi, if still available can I have the: Anschutz pull through/wicks blue sling HPS folding bipod. What colour is the bipod? Tim
  23. tim s

    Chicago Screws

    Afternoon all, I'm looking for four Chicago screws, the size/type used in ESE slings for a project. I know I can get thede on eBay, but I don't need a giant bag, just four.
  24. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    Bump £250
  25. tim s

    Diana Supermatch Stock / Feinwerkbau 2000 Stock

    There was one on eBay last month, but sold as Anschutz. It may return when the buyer finds it won't fit.