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  1. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    Bump, now over £400 new, save money and a six week wait.
  2. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    For sale, a KT Prone 600, size 98 (38in chest long) in blue/grey. Bought in June, but only worn to test fit. Top two buttons have been moved, but the jacket is otherwise as new. Sadly I'm not a standard size, and Pippa Taylor is unable to tweak it as planned. I'm looking for £300. Buyer can collect from Taunton, or I'll post. Photos on request
  3. tim s

    Metal Screw in JACKET BUTTONS

    Finally found the right tin, but alas only two metal. I've got 5 on an unwanted KT jacket, but those need to stay there.
  4. tim s

    Metal Screw in JACKET BUTTONS

    I think I have some. I know that I have some plastic Monads, but I swear there are some metal too. How many do you need?
  5. tim s

    Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Slightly off topic, but why not make your own cheekpiece? On an 1813* the wood is held onto the metal bracket with two wood screws. It's a doddle to remove it, and screw on a piece of softwood that''s about the right size and shape. Cut or sand that to shape and call your uncle Robert. You even get lateral adjustment by how far across the bracket you screw on the new wood. *And any Supermatch using that spring-loaded cheekpiece - 1413 (from 1972/3), 1613, 1813, and 1913 (until at least 93), and the 11 series of Prone-only rifles.
  6. tim s

    Complete setup for sale Anschutz 2007/2013 .22RF

    You're looking at a duplicate post, try here instead:
  7. tim s

    Wanted: Anschutz wooden stock

    Is condition totally unimportant?Taunton have a cracked 1413 stock that's taking up space. The crack is at the trigger inlet, but hasn't split completely. Hardware has been stripped. Understand it's not the best offer, but it's yours gratis. Might take a day or so to find a box big enough for postage.
  8. tim s

    22mm High end elements various sizes

    M18 or M22?
  9. tim s

    Complete setup for sale Anschutz 2007/2013 .22RF

    You might want to state a price; this is a condition of the Sales forum. It might also be useful to mention the make of the barrel. As it's stainless, it could be a Border, Lilja etc, as well as one of the occasional factory stainless runs. The age, and known round count would be useful.
  10. tim s

    8mm Match 54 Foresight block

    Hi Noee, Thank you, but I made a few tweaks so my existing 10mm block is fine. BTW I'd hope a raiser block comes with the screws, or it won't clamp on tight. I think you may have the factory mounting block that screws onto the barrel. I wanted a raiser that goes between the barrel mount (or tube dovetail for me) and tunnel.
  11. tim s

    8mm Match 54 Foresight block

    Hi, I'm after an 8mm foresight raiser for the old type (14-1800) Anschutz foresight. I would buy new, but it seems the only 8mm block is the Anschutz, which comes as a pair. I don't need a rear block. Tim
  12. tim s

    Trigger shoe

    Jack, No, there aren't any commercially made blades for the old 1400 triggers. I looked about ten years ago. You have to get creative with the plastic metal, or find an obliging machinist.
  13. tim s

    Butt hook assembly for an 1813 stock.

    Alan, If you need the carrier, the bit that goes in-and-out, are the three rods aligned? During 1813 production, the middle threaded hole, was moved about 1cm to the right. The two types aren't interchangeable. Tim
  14. tim s

    BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Hi Pete, Email sent. Tim
  15. tim s

    BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Taunton are rationalising our cabinet and have two mk 2 BSA Martini Internationals in need of new homes. Rifle 1 is a standard heavy barrel. Rifle 2 is the rarer 26in lightweight (11lb vs 14lb). A thumbhole has been neatly cut into the butt, and the wood refinished. Both are complete with the correct PH25b rearsight, PH1 foresight, and handstop/swivel. Both are in good condition, but at 60-ish bear small marks and the odd speck of rust. We're asking £100 each. Pm with any questions. Photos on request.
  16. tim s

    BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Hi Stuart, Email sent. Tim
  17. tim s

    BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Hi Stuart, Will do. Tim
  18. tim s

    Match 54 For Sale

    It's a 1407, so typically 10-11lb.
  19. tim s

    7.62 Swing

    Phil, The ad states the barrel is a Border. A "Palma" twist sounds like a 13T, although I know some who run a 12T for long range. I think from Robin''s previous comments the stock is a KK-UIT. Walther did make the KK Prone 400, a specialist prone stock very similar to the Anschutz 1811, but these make hens' teeth look common.
  20. tim s

    Head space

    Barry Nesom makes gauges.
  21. tim s

    4mm Raiser Block

    Dave, Do you want to borrow mine again? I can give it Beth on Sunday. T
  22. Colin, The topic title mentions that it's a Border.
  23. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    Bump. Still available, and bargainous compared to new prices.
  24. tim s

    Ese Synthetic Sling Colour Blue

    I'll take it for my club, posted please.