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  1. Centra 10-50 rear sight in extremely good as new condition. £280 The Gehmann Combination and Optical 575 rear Iris is an optional addition. The vision correction section can be removed from the whole unit leaving only the colour filters and twin polarisers. Also extremely good condition. £160 (this item is also listed separately) Items can be posted at buyers cost.
  2. Looking for a used coaxial front rest. Something like a Seb would be ideal but I’m open to options. Thanks
  3. Looking for an Ezell or Harrells rimfire clamp on tuner. I can’t find any currently stocked in the UK, so hoping someone has one lying around they don’t use.
  4. Sorry Dave, it sold a few weeks ago, I thought I’d marked it as sold!
  5. Match 54 (round action) Supermatch stock In fantastic condition with a beautiful grain. the stippling around the grip has worn down a bit, but you can’t really tell by looking at it. cheek piece and butt pad extension all works perfectly £150
  6. *** NOW SOLD *** Tesro PA10-2 Signum match pistol With the original medium sized grip plus a custom grip from precision target grips in America. very very accurate match pistol that’s beat numerous other mainstream brands such as Walther and Steyr in shoulder to shoulder comps! comes with: - barrel cleaning wire and buds - almost full tin of RWS R10 match pellets - barrel weights - carry case with combination lock asking for £400 ono Thanks
  7. It completely depends on the shooter and how they want to see the target. I could get away with a 32x, but I also want to shoot out to 300m as well, so a 40x will give me that ability.
  8. Looking for a 40+ magnification scope for 50m bench rest targets. Ideally 2nd focal plane Happy to consider all options. Thanks
  9. Hi Gareth, I have a Gehmann Polarisation 550 for sale. https://intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Gehmann-Polarisation-Iris-550-32.html it’s in perfect condition but not what I would necessarily call cheap. I can do it for £90 posted? Jamie
  10. Reduced to £300. I won’t be going lower than this now. It’s a great rifle in very good condition and shoots very accurately as can be seen from the score card.
  11. Hi, yes it is still available. I stopped advertising it elsewhere when the pandemic worsened in September October. feel free to message me privately and we can discuss further if you like. Thanks
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