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  1. Yes, good point Tim. I had taken that into consideration when shopping around, but failed to mention it in my add. I’ll emend now. Thanks
  2. Looking for a diopter match sight set ideally, but more than willing to consider a rear only and then purchase a front sight separately. The rifle is a Match 54 14xx series, so it does have the older smaller front dovetail. I’d really prefer a rear sight that fits on all Anschutz ranges so if/when I do change it can be swapped over. Budget for a rear sight is around £150 and around £200 for a set. Might be willing to extend that for the right setup. Thanks
  3. Reduced to £300. I won’t be going lower than this now. It’s a great rifle in very good condition and shoots very accurately as can be seen from the score card.
  4. Hi, yes it is still available. I stopped advertising it elsewhere when the pandemic worsened in September October. feel free to message me privately and we can discuss further if you like. Thanks
  5. Hi, I’ve just sent you a PM with details of a match pistol I’m selling within your budget that could include shooting glasses if interested. Thanks
  6. Happy to take offers if anyone is interested. This really is a brilliant little match rifle. i need to get it off my ticket so I have a free slot for my mini rifle
  7. Just emailed you again Mick, if you don’t see it in your inbox I would check your junk folder just in case. cheers
  8. Hi folks, I’ve decided to sell my trusty Walther KK match (GX1). Would make a perfect 3P or just prone first rifle. This is the same model of rifle that Larry Bassam and Malcolm Cooper won gold at the circa 1980-87 Olympics with. The rifle shoots far better than me and is still able to shoot groups smaller than 10mm with R50 ammo at 50m. I’ve included a target from a few weeks ago that I shot with this rifle using diopter sights at 50m. It’s in great condition, barrel blueing is almost mint, and the stock has some minor dings, but they are barely visible. Comes with origin
  9. Hi Mick, I did email you after you posted this but you haven’t replied yet. I’ll pop another one over just in case you aren’t seeing these comments. Thanks, Jamie
  10. Centra Duplex Vario Wanted if anyone’s looking to sell one. Thanks
  11. Yep, that’s correct, anything prior to the 1913 has a rounded action and rounded dovetail. Interesting that your’ve swapped raiders between 14,16,18 and 19xx though. Might that be that they’re forward compatible but not backward? So the round will fit on the flat but the flat won’t fit on the round?
  12. Hi Mick, sorry for the late reply. Yes the Match 54 has the slightly rounded dovetail on top. I need a minimum of 8mm fight due to my 250mm extension tube. im really only after the rear but if they come as a front and rear set then I’m happy to take the set off of you? Thanks
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