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  1. Does anyone have any stock spacers for a BSA international Mk5? I would need about 1" worth. Nathanael.
  2. Looks like what I'm after, I'll take it. Have PM'd you.
  3. Looking for an adjustable rear iris, something like a centra basic or similar. Nathanael.
  4. The widest point on the sight measures just slightly more than the 11mm. As far as I can make out it's the height of the vee rather than the width that seems to be the issue, it's as if the vee on the sights is too shallow and needs to be deeper, almost like the 19xx compared to the 18xx front dovetail.
  5. Does look to be the standard 11mm, I think it's the depth/angle of the dovetail that's the issue, I've been advised that these older Anschutz sights that I have are known to have been made to be neat on an Anschutz rail so they are tight on other rails.
  6. Jonty, I have a couple of sets of Anschutz rear sights (6805 and 6702) they don't fit the rear dovetail?
  7. Anyone have any Anschutz fitment sights they would part with? Would consider Anschutz 7002 or any of the centra/MEC etc. Also looking for a 22mm foresight to try. Nathanael.
  8. Looking for a Freeland scope stand head (part in picture). Either the zoom or the swivel head if anyone has one lying around. Cheers, Nathanael.
  9. Thanks anyway Tim I'll keep searching 👍
  10. I have thought about that but I'd rather have some spare before risking messing up the ones I have.
  11. Thanks Tim, the ones that I have with the rifle to my eye look to be a about 3.0 maybe 3.2. The closer I can get to 4.2 the better!
  12. Hi all, I am looking for some foresight elements for my dad's BSA 12/15 (I have possibly got the model wrong) it has a Parker Hale foresight tunnel possibly 15mm? He has a few elements with varying ring widths but they are all the same very small inner diameter. If anyone has any they would sell I'd appreciate it!
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