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  1. The fellow selling that stock is a Mike as well. Coincidence. It looks like it has been shortened a bit... Probably for adjustable butt plate in the past.... G'day Mike. Yes I haven't checked Ebay for a couple of weeks so I will take your advice and do it now.
  2. G'day Mike. Yes I haven't checked Ebay for a couple of weeks so I will take your advice and do it now.
  3. Tim your interpretation of the free floating system I have seen is spot on. Cumbrian your efforts with the one piece stock sounds amazing. Lots of work too I'd imagine. I think if I tried to free float the MK II in the aforementioned manner I might try with an aftermarket barrel to keep the original as-is... Although the end-pountthat could be argued too... If you have an excellent barrel like the BSA it's a shame not to enjoy it... All interesting stuff.
  4. I'm not sure whether we have access to batch testing where I live which is a fairly rural area but I will enquire. So far no reply from Jim Hallam but I live in hope! I have looked at airgun spares and will probably grab a few things off them soon. It's one of the only places with any International parts I can find. The butt is all I need at this stage... Hoping I have some luck soon.
  5. Yes Tim, the one I saw had a forend hanger that fit between the barrel shoulder and the receiver. It requires the barrel-tenon shoulder be set back to accommodate the thickness of the hanger. Aparrently there was a fellow here in Australia successfully did this job to quite a few Mark II rifles but he passed away many years ago.... Interesting...
  6. G'day Tim, Yes I should have specified that I am OK for a forend, it's just the Butt that I need. I am also looking at a little project to free-float the barrel on the Mk II. I know it has been done successfully. Thank you for touching base! Luke
  7. Thank you very much Roger. I have taken this information and sent Jim an email explaining my plight. I hope it finds him well and perhaps he can help me out. I really appreciate the help and advice I have received here so far. Thank you! Luke
  8. Hello to everyone and thanks for your time. I am in Australia and I am hoping someone may be able to help me in my search for BSA International parts. I have a Mark II that I am rebuilding from a neglected state. I saw it for sale and could not resist. Beautifully made rimfire. I have almost everything I need to get started but I need a Right handed stock to suit a mark II. I have scoured Australia and can find nothing. The US has some semi-finished options but basically they wont ship to Australia. Hoping I might have some luck here. It should be noted that I won't be attempting to restore this rifle to an "as it was out of the factory" state. I want to use glass on it and hopefully be able to shoot some fun competition in the limited settings I have at my local clubs and ranges. I would love to eek out as much accuracy from this rifle as I can and use it to help me become a better shooter off the bench and perhaps prone. Apart from the stock, if anyone has any Mark II or Mark III parts and are willing to ship to Australia (nothing serialised of course such as receivers or barrels) I would be interested to see what you have. I would also love to see your Internationals or hear any stories and or advice about them that will help me in my project. Sincerely and kind regards, Luke
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