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  1. Evening may I please purchase the above articles i.e Sightron scope, Tier One FTR bipod, rings and SEB rear bag. Please PM me as to how we can proceed with payment, collection etc. Thank you David
  2. Evening quick question does the FTR bipod, rings and SEB rear bag come with the Sightron scope ? And regards the Sightron are the optics/lenses ok and everything fully working please.
  3. I am still learning how to attach things here, bear with me.
  4. I have a Steyr left hand large adjustable air pistol grip, it has been used but is in quite good condition. £55 posted within the UK. I can send a photo of the grip but for the life of me I cannot get a photo attached to an email on here.
  5. Sending you a picture. It will from my normal email as I cannot get pics onto this forum as yet.
  6. Jim Duguid sight s/n 065 complete with yellow and grey filters, two additional apertures and Allen key, all contained within a blue padded pouch. Used but working condition. £90 including postage.
  7. Brimfire, your quite right to ask about 2nd hand stuff, you never know what is out there till you ask, I use a Rink grip on my Steyr LP5 and I have ordered plenty of grips for customers from Rink ( LP10,s/ LP10E/LP50,s) and usually they have been ok. You have to spend a bit of time ensuring that the customer has actually measured correctly, and understood what is required, and remember that a cold hand is smaller than a hot one, not by much but it can make a difference between a good fitting grip to one that suddenly appears tight. If your current grip fits you well, then you could send
  8. Have you tried ordering a grip direct from Rink Formgriffe, all the details required are online including made to measure, but they do grips off the shelf as well.
  9. I would ask that you consider Dillon reloading machines, have a look at Dillon Precision.com and also on You Tube, there is lots of info/videos out there to assist. Whilst Dillon do a Square Deal Press this is only suitable for pistol calibres, a 550C or a 650XL now upgraded to 750 XL , both will do everything you require and allow for future calibres. A 550C is a large multi stage press that indexes by you moving the shell plate around, whereas the 650/750 is indexed by you pulling the handle. The 550C is bought as a machine without the calibre conversion kit that you wish to load whereas the
  10. Tried various ways to get several photos onto her, but no joy, serial number is 25059 and I will correct my original description as the rifle is a FN Herstal not a Browning as I had posted earlier.
  11. Dillon either a 550C or 650/750 will more than adequately load what you need.
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