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  1. I would ask that you consider Dillon reloading machines, have a look at Dillon Precision.com and also on You Tube, there is lots of info/videos out there to assist. Whilst Dillon do a Square Deal Press this is only suitable for pistol calibres, a 550C or a 650XL now upgraded to 750 XL , both will do everything you require and allow for future calibres. A 550C is a large multi stage press that indexes by you moving the shell plate around, whereas the 650/750 is indexed by you pulling the handle. The 550C is bought as a machine without the calibre conversion kit that you wish to load whereas the 650/750 is purchased with the calibre conversion kit already installed. For both machines additional calibres conversion kits are then required for the calibres you wish to load. All standard reloading dies fit both machines. If you wanted to really push the proverbial reloading boat out then Dillon sell a really large 1050 reloading press, which is often used by commercial reloading outfits, but it is something I would not recommend for you. both 550 and 750 machines can be added too once you get used to them, I could ramble on but one final bit of info, Dillon machines are covered by a lifetime warranty, or as it is marketed in the USA, a "No BS " warranty.
  2. I have sent you a PM.
  3. Tried various ways to get several photos onto her, but no joy, serial number is 25059 and I will correct my original description as the rifle is a FN Herstal not a Browning as I had posted earlier.
  4. Dillon either a 550C or 650/750 will more than adequately load what you need.
  5. Would a 308 FN Browning be of any use? Right hand action in a synthetic stock, in a working condition, but needs re-barrelled. One of those projects that I have not yet started.
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